Mother’s Day thoughts from a mother

By Jean Burk

Excerpt From High School Prep Genius

A secure home life is a necessary element of ensuring high school success. The home should be a refuge for escape from negative outside influences regardless of whether your child attends public, private, charter, or even homeschool. This starts with the bond between parent and child. Let your goal be one of raising a child that you will want to spend time with then they are an adult.

Prioritizing building and maintaining open communication between you and your teen. Life’s distractions can pull each member of your family in different directions. Be proactive to spend time with your son or daughter. Make a point to sit beside your child’s bed every night just to talk with him or her. Ask about his or her questions and listen to his or her thoughts. Be sensitive and do not be critical. Your child will respond to your attitude.

Have no taboos in conversation with your teen. When your son asks a frank question, give him a frank answer. Allow your daughter to trust your word by refusing to lie or soft-sell the truth. Keep in mind, to be able to talk to your child about the “big” issues, you must be willing to start early, long before he or she encounters them, and be committed to open, truthful dialogue.


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