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Affordable test prep that can change lives.

At College Prep Genius, we believe all college-bound students can go to college without creating a lifetime of student loan debt. Since 2004, we've been helping thousands of students raise their college entrance exam scores because high test scores can open up scholarship opportunities.  We focus on the critical thinking skills needed to pass these types of tests.  Why?  Because tests like the SAT, PSAT, ACT and CLT are reasoning tests that are testing a student's critical thinking skills.  Not just math, reading, writing and science knowledge.  It's written right in the SAT testing booklet!

Our Founder, Jean Burk

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SAT/ACT Instructor, Jean Burk, is a homeschooling mother and creator of the revolutionary College Prep Genius curriculum which has helped thousands of high school students prepare for the SAT,ACT & PSAT/NMSQT. Her expertise has been featured on FOX as a news contributor, CBS, NBC, ABC, WE, iON, CW, TXA21, and The Homeschool Channel. She also serves as a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, educational resources, and online publications. Jean currently travels across the United States and abroad teaching students how to improve their standardized test scores and speaking to parents about how to get college for FREE!

As a single income family, Jean Burk and her husband did not have the financial resources to send their children to college. When Jean discovered the SAT,ACT & PSAT were the keys to getting huge scholarships, she began to research the test to understand how to prepare her children for it. She discovered that these tests could be taught! They weren’t IQ tests, but rather critical thinking exams. After both her children received full scholarships, Jean began teaching these secrets to other homeschooling, public school, and private school students alike. Her program ,College Prep Genius, is the culmination of more than 15 years of research, classroom experience and SAT/ACT expertise,  extending worldwide.

Our Test Prep Philosophy

Real Strategies, Not Reteaching High School

Standardized tests like the SAT (PSAT, ACT and CLT) are reasoning tests.  That is what each student will learn when they go through the College Prep Genius course.  We do not reteach high school like many test prep programs. A collegiate level of math, reading, writing and language and science, are not going to get you a high test score.  College Prep Genius' tips and strategies will teach students how to sharpen the critical thinking skills needed to ace these tests.

30 Seconds or Less

The SAT has 154 questions with around a minute to answer each question.  This doesn't give students a lot of time!  In fact, time is the number one reason many students bomb the SAT (and other standardized tests).  If students don't have the proper strategies, they will run out of time.  College Prep Genius strategies teach students how to quickly identify if the right answers are right and if the wrong ones are wrong.  Our goal is to show students how to answer questions in 30 seconds or less.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Achieving a high SAT/ACT score is not an easy feat for many students.  We love to say, College Prep Genius is a program, not a pill.  Meaning, students must put in the work if they want to achieve their score goals.  While our program teaches you the proven strategies and tips needed to ace these tests, it's going to take work and dedication.  Our courses are just the introduction to the material.  The real magic happens when students put in the work, commit the strategies to memory and learn to properly apply them.

There are  NO Bad test takers.

The SAT is not an IQ test.  True, some students are more logically minded.  That, alone, will make these tests less challenging for them.  For other students who are logical thinkers, standardized tests become more difficult.  But that doesn't make them bad test takers.  Any student can learn to strengthen their critical thinking skills so they can apply logic and reasoning during these tests.  Instead of studying for the test (which you can not do), students can study the test itself.  By learning the patterns and strategies used on standardized tests, any student can do well.

Free college can happen for you or your student.

Colleges and universities look at prep scores not only for entrance, but also as a way of ranking themselves against other institutions.  That's why if a student's score is high enough, the school will give students money to attend.  That, coupled with grants and private scholarships, makes it possible for students to get money for school!  Many don't realize that a high PSAT score can earn you or your student scholarship money.  There are many ways to pay for college.  All students should feel encouraged about finding money if they dream of going to college.

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