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The Top 10 Tips for Home Teaching
Genius Blog Post: Resources and GuidesJuly 14, 2020Resources and Guides:The Top 10 Tips for Home TeachingThe Upside of the Quarantine and[...]
Homeschool Resources
Genius Blog Post: Guides and ResourcesJuly 13, 2020Guides and Resources:Ultimate Guide to Free Homeschooling ResourcesAudio/Visual Downloads​​Curriculum SuggestionsReligionGeographyVirtual Field TripsMusic &[...]
Is California dropping standardized tests like the SAT and ACT?
Genius Blog Post: News, Test PrepJune 19, 2020News:California to Drop the SAT and ACTBut Don’t Pack Your Beach Clothes Just[...]
CLT Practice Tips and Information
CLT FormatCLT 10CLT 8AnalyticsEnd of Year ExamAthletes and the NCAACPG Tips & TricksHow to Use the 6 Blank Pages​InstructionsCollege Prep[...]
SAT and ACT Cancellations. Take the CLT.
Genius Blog Post: News, CLTApril 13, 2020CLT:SAT and ACT Cancellations? No Problem. A Testing Alternative, Updates and ResourcesJuniors and seniors are[...]
Is Khan Academy Adequate Test Prep?
Genius Blog Post: Test PrepMarch 27, 2020 Test Prep Is Khan Academy Test Prep Adequate?Or should you be doing more?I[...]
You’re At Home – Testing Updates and Resources
Genius Blog Post: News, PSAT​September 5, 2019TEST PREP NEWS:Everyone now appears to be educating at home. Many of you are[...]
ACT’s Big Change
Genius Blog Post: News, ACTFebruary 12, 2020ACT:ACT's Big ChangeDid Test Prep Just Get a Little Bit EasierIn October 2019, there[...]
SAT Landscape Program Replaces Adversity Score
Genius Blog Post: News, PSAT​September 5, 2019​SAT:​SAT Drops Adversity Score...Sort ofThis is somewhat GOOD NEWS! We are glad that the SAT[...]
SAT Adversity
Genius Blog Post: News, SAT, Scoring July 11, 2019 SAT: ​​Can you really put a number on ADVERSITY? That’s a[...]
PSAT Crash Course 2019
Genius Blog Post: News, PSAT June 9, 2019 There's Only One Chance to Ace the PSAT PSAT Test Dates Primary[...]
Podcast: Episode 66- CLT Standardized Test
Genius Blog Post: News, Podcast, CLTSeptember 19, 2017Podcast​Episode 66: CLT Standardized TestLookout SAT/ACT- New Test In TownApril 27, 2018Ep. 66: CLT[...]
Our eCourse has a new look!
We're super excited to announce that we have a new, improved eCourse dashboard!  We've received a ton of feedback since[...]
Podcast: Episode 56- 5 Secrets Revealed
Genius Blog Post: News, Podcast, SATSeptember 19, 2017Podcast​Episode 56: 5 Secrets RevealedSeptember 19, 2017Ep. 56: 5 Secrets RevealedAre you ready[...]
GUEST BLOG: Why High School Study Abroad Is An Amazing Pre-College Experience
It’s no surprise to anyone that studying abroad during your high school years is guaranteed to be a life-changing, amazing[...]
An Interview with College Prep Genius CEO- Jean Burk
Interview With Author Jean Burk What type of books do you write?  Educational guide books for students to have success[...]
New SAT- Buyer Beware!
“New” SAT Prep Class-Buyer Beware Have you ever bought something that “just came out” or was “the latest-newest model” only[...]
Is College Right for You?
College can be the most significant academic experience of a person’s lifetime. It can also be the wrong choice. One[...]
Prepare Your High School Student for College
Before you know it, college will be knocking at your door. As the parent of a high school student, it’s[...]