See how College Prep Genius has helped students!

Ivy League/Top Tier Admittance

Daughter accepted to multiple Ivy Leagues.

SAT score got admittance to Princeton.

Opened doors Johns Hospkins and Duke

National Merit Scholars

Daughter became National Merit Scholar and offered several full-ride tuition opportunities.

Easy curriculum that daughter enjoyed.

Raised score 300 points and got into top pick schools.

Daughter got accepted into National Merit program.

Daughter is a National Merit finalist.

Thanks to College Prep Genius, was able to become a National Merit Scholar.

Free College & Scholarships

I didn't have to pay a dime through my entire collegiate career. 

I was a skeptical mom. My daughter ended up with $108K in scholarship money.

Son scored in the 99th percentile, got National Merit Finalist, free tuition and room and board.

Full tuition and college of choice.

Raised score and got scholarships to TCU and UNT. 


College Prep Genius made all the difference.

Went from 64th percentile to 93rd percentile.

Significantly raised PSAT score.  Went from 88th to 99th percentile.

Raised PSAT score 400 points!

Raised test score and earned $100K for college!


Took ACT score from 31 to 34.

Raised ACT score to a 35.

Twin boys scored really well.

Scored 1410 SAT Equivalent on the ACT

Raised Scores

Raised score by 400 points.

Better prepared the second time around.

Raised score 400 points!

Was able to improve in each section of SAT.

College Prep Genius helped to surpass test score goals, when other prep classes could not.

Raised score 500 points!

Improved score 300 points after going through course once.


I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Daughter took the course in 7th grade!

Son had an amazing score!

Scores were night and day after College Prep Genius.


Helped prepare for tests other than the SAT and PSAT.

Class Hosts

Hosting a class is easy.

Hosted a boot camp and sat in with children. 7th grader was able to keep up with all of the information.

Both of my sons received scholarships.

College Prep Genius Rocks at Learning Excellence Center

Students get great tools on how to get into the college of their dreams

Jean Burk's Program Is Amazing

The students were so excited...their light bulbs were going off!

It was so worth it!

I would recommend College Prep Genius to anybody.

The SAT Boot Camp was awesome...I would highly recommend it.

Each student left feeling equipped...a definite must!

Teenagers got excited about taking the SAT.

The class was engaging and found the SAT was learnable!

I've used this program with my children for 6 years!

I was really impressed the way Jean Burk presented the information.

Hosting a College Prep Genius class has been amazing!

We are so appreciative of Jean's skill.

We plan to host a boot camp every year.

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