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College Prep Genius teaches college-bound students strategies, tips and tricks that will help them to raise test prep scores and earn scholarship money.


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Grant Admittance & Scholarships

Student debt can take two decades to pay off.

85% of colleges and universities give admittance and scholarships based on a test score alone. This can save you thousands that can put you behind before even getting started.  College Prep Genius' award-winning strategies and tips teach students the tools needed to raise scores and earn scholarships.

Studying math, writing and reading curriculum is a waste of time.

Tests like the SAT, ACT and CLT are reasoning tests based on logic.  College Prep Genius teaches students how to take a reasoning test.  If you are prepping with material that is simply reteaching high school, you are doing it wrong.

Prepping for the SAT, ACT and CLT takes time. 

There is no instant success.  That's why College Prep Genius gives students a full year to access our course.  Many programs give as little as 3 months! Usually not enough time to successfully prepare.  Success on these tests requires mastering our strategies and practice, practice, practice.  Use our program for 1 year and renew for only $49.*

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Jean Burk

Founder and Course Creator

When my family and I were faced with how we would pay for college, we didn't know how we were going to find the money.  But through much trial, research and dedication, I was able to work with each of my kiddos to learn how to beat this test!  Each received numerous full ride offers for undergrad, grad school and law school!  All because of this life changing test.  My goal is to give other families and students that same opportunity. This test is beatable, and you don't need to be an A+ student to get a great score.  Free college can happen to your family, the same way it happened for mine.  (Hear the rest of the story)







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Why College Prep Genius?

Shortcuts & Recurring


College Prep Genius teaches students how to identify recurring patterns and use shortcuts to solve problems in 30 seconds or less.   We don't just reteach high school. 

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Voted #1 SAT Prep Class by and so many others, College Prep Genius has helped students get into private, public and Ivy League institutions.  With scholarships!

1-Year Program


Our flexible learning options give students the option to take live virtual courses or pre-recorded eCourses.  Every option gives students 1-year access to work through the strategies and learn how to beat this test.  

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150 - 240

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251 points

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11+ hours

40+ hours

18+ hours

20+ hours

40 hours

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After-program support

Different learning options

In-person Classes,

Live Virtual Classes,

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

In-person Classes,

Live Virtual Classes,

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

In-person Classes,

Live Virtual Classes,

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Live Virtual Classes,

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

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Works on SAT/PSAT and ACT


Money Back Guarantee

eCourses only within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

Based on previous score and meeting specific Kaplan requirements.

Based on previous score and meeting specific Princeton Review requirements.


Based on specific Prep Scholar requirements.

Cost for Program

$189 - $395

$675 - $2599+

$899 - $1199


$397 - $995

program options

How we teach

Live Virtual Classes

  • Choose from our 3-Day Live, Interactive Virtual Boot Camp or our 8-week Sessions
  • Led by a certified, professional College Prep Genius Instructor
  • Parent dashboard w/individual student progress monitoring (additional students can be purchased for an additional cost)
  • Class Materials include,College Prep Genius Workbook, Daily Homework Guide, SAT/ACT Essay Templates PDF  Download, Journal For Success, Score Tracker, Interactive Quiz Questions
  • Complete Webinar Library

Self-Paced Course

  • 1-year membership to our award-winning self-paced course 
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 300+ plus interactive quiz questions 
  • Over 200 proven, award-winning strategies, shortcuts, tips and tricks.
  • Parent dashboard w/individual student progress monitoring (additional students can be purchased for an additional cost)
  • Course Materials include College Prep Genius Workbook PDF download, Class Notes Outline, Journal For Success, Daily Homework Guide, SAT Essay Templates PDF Download, Score Tracker
  • Complete Webinar Library



What is the difference between the College Prep Genius virtual class and self-paced course?

The College Prep Genius virtual course is a live course.  Students will attend class at a designated date and time, where they will be able to interact with one of College Prep Genius's Certified Instructors.  Students will be able to ask questions and participate in this virtual classroom environment.  Following the live course, each student will receive 1-year membership access to the College Prep Genius eCourse lessons.  The current Master the SAT/PSAT Live Virtual Boot Camp is designed for the new digital SAT.

The College Prep Genius self-paced course is taught through video lessons, not not designed for the current digital SAT.  College Prep Genius is actively working on new videos for the digital SAT, and the current course can be used to prep for the ACT.   iThe course includes 300+ interactive questions that help to reinforce what was learned.  No live instruction is included.

Does this program work on other tests like the ACT or CLT?

Tests like the ACT and CLT are reasoning tests, just like the SAT.  So College Prep Genius strategies work.  College Prep Genius is the official test prep company of the CLT and you can register for Master the CLT Live Virtual boot camps here.  For more information on how College Prep Genius works on the ACT, take a look at one of our webinars, SAT vs. ACT: The Real Truth.

Does the virtual boot camp come with everything needed for the course?

The 2024 College Prep Genius Workbook hard copy is included in all virtual boot camps.  If you have already purchased the self-paced course and have been using the course materials, you can continue to do so, however, you will receive a hard copy workbook for each student and sibling.  Following the live class, students will have access to the recap videos and class recordings. Students will also receive the SAT Essay Templates PDF download, Daily Homework Guide PDF, and Journal For Success PDF.

What happens if my student misses a class date? Can my student attend a different make up class?

All class sessions are recorded should a student miss one of their live sessions.  Recordings will be available to the students immediately following class and during the life of their membership.*  Class transfers can be arranged prior to the first day of the student's scheduled class.  Please email to make class transfers.

*Memberships are available for 1 year and can be renewed for $59 if renewed within 30 days of expiration.

Do you offer refunds?

College Prep Genius does not offer refunds on any live in-person or virtual boot camps.  College Prep Genius will refund eCourse purchases within 30 days of purchase.

What will happen in the event of technical issues?

While we try to do everything in our power to prevent technical issues during the live class and in our onsite learning environment, sometimes these things can not be helped.  

For live sessions, should your student experience a technical issue that does not originate on the College Prep Genius side, students will be able to catch up by watching the recording of that session at a later time.  If there is a technical issue on the College Prep Genius side, College Prep Genius will provide a previously recorded session for the student to watch.  

We strongly encourage students to come to class prepared.  That means testing all technology and login information prior to the class.  This prevents rushing, panic and frustration...setting the student up for success.  Parents and students should test their login and ensure they are able to log into the virtual classroom before class and not the day of class.

Parents and students can always contact with support issues prior to their first live class session for technical help.  We also provide a link to Adobe Connect support for help with the live classroom environment.

What should I do if my books do not arrive in time for class?

In the event that you register for a class less than two weeks before it begins, your hard copy books my not arrive in time.  Don't worry, we will see that you've registered and will be contacted separately via email.  We will send you the materials you will need via email so that you are prepared for class.

Are there any prerequisites I should know about before class?

Prior to the live boot camp and the eCourse, we recommend students have a baseline score from an actual College Board Practice test.  You can create your own testing environment and score it yourself.  If you've already taken a test, you can use that, as well.  Click here to download Practice Test #1 along with the scoring and answer sheets.


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