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July 14, 2020

COVID-19 has introduced a brand new challenge to parents, especially those parents who are not accustomed to homeschooling their students.  Knowing what sort of activities are out there to keep your child busy, engaged and on track can be hard to figure out.

As a former homeschooler, myself, I wanted to make sure we put together a very thorough homeschooling resource guide that will give families a start on what to do during this difficult time.  Educating at home should not break the bank.  I have compiled hundreds of mostly free resources in a categorized list below. 

I knew when I first began homeschooling my children I was the one that would be responsible for navigating them through the proper education.  It wasn't easy.

We're in a digital world now and there are so many more homeschool resources available.  Use this as a start and remember these links belong to their respective websites, so if you have an issue with one of the resource links, contact their webmaster, and let us know so we can update our list.  Feel free to leave us any feedback or additions you think others will benefit from in the comments section below.  - Jean Burk

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