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M.O.N.E.Y. Tool

Search our database of over 15k scholarships including merit, private, state, totally free schools, fellowships, and more.

M3 Tool

More Merit Money

Nice test scores? Save hours searching full tuition and full rides using our M3 Tool.

S4 Tool

School Search Summary Spreadsheet

Choose a school wisely using 150 criteria to compare.

C4 Tool

College Cost Comparison Chart

With over 90 costs used to compare colleges, make sure you budget apples to apples.

F3 Tool

Future FAFSA Forecaster

Plan early and take advantage of legal loopholes to get your share of $120 billion in aid available each year.

T3 Tool

Total Task Tracker

Stay on track with the college process.  Don't miss deadlines and keep organized with the T3.

What's in the M.O.N.E.Y. Tool?

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    Choose the type of scholarship you're looking for....
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    Check the list for your results...
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    Learn more about the scholarship and link directly to it so you can apply.

F.R.E.E. Degree Tool FAQs 

Are the scholarships up to date?

The College Prep Genius has worked for years to compile this list of scholarships.  We are committed to keeping it updated with the most recent information.

What makes your tool different than other tools?

Our tools is simply a tool.  There are not tricks or ulterior motives.  College Prep Genius does not sell your information to third parties.  And while our scholarship search tool is in a beta stage now, there are still thousands of scholarships to choose from and each tool will work together to make preparing for financial freedom, post-college, more achievable.

Do I have to make a one-time payment?

The FREE Degree Tool is an annual membership. Users will be able to renew their memberships for $199 following their initial year if they renew within 30 days of expiration.

Is College Prep Genius affiliated with any other company or is this their proprietary program?

The College Prep Genius FREE Degree Tool is proprietary to College Prep Genius.  We are not affiliated with any other program or services.  Our member/subscriber information will not be shared or sold to any third party.

Do you offer refunds?

College Prep Genius does not offer refunds on any live classes.  College Prep Genius will refund eCourse purchases and FREE Degree Tool purchases within 30 days of purchase.

What will happen in the event of technical issues?

While we try to do everything in our power to prevent technical issues, sometimes these things can not be helped.  Should you or your student experience a technical issue, please contact support via email or live chat.  Support hours are M-F/9am to 4pm CST.

Some of our awards...

Jean Burk

Founder and Creator

Jean Burk is the author of the award-winning College Prep Genius program and has written numerous articles about the SAT/ACT/CLT and PSAT tests, high school prep, college prep, and how to get free college. She is a Fox News Contributor and has been featured as an SAT and Educational expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TXA21, CW33, WE, Forbes, UShop TV and The Homeschool Channel. She homeschooled both her children and they each earned free college and incredible scholarships because of their PSAT and SAT/ACT/CLT scores. Some of the benefits included full tuition, room and board, unlimited laundry and lunchroom passes, study abroad stipends, etc. Her son also earned free law school and her daughter earned free grad school.

She currently travels and speaks about the importance of college preparation at conventions, book fairs, schools, libraries, etc. She has taught her revolutionary, award-winning “Master the SAT/ACT/CLT” Prep Class all over the United States, mainland China, India, Hong Kong and Thailand.