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Highly Recommended by Schools

COLLEGE PREP GENIUS has presented the “Master the SAT /ACT Class” before numerous public and private schools, and in turn helped thousands of high school students achieve SAT/ACT success. Some of our past and present institutions include:

Martin High School in Arlington, TX
Lamar High School in Arlington TX
Grapevine High in Colleyville, TX
Frisco ISD in Frisco, TX
American Heritage Academy in Carrolton, TX
Dallas Christian in Mesquite TX
Faith Christian in McKinney, TX
Brewer High in Fort Worth, TX
Birdville High in North Richland Hills, TX
Van High in Van, TX
Granbury  High in Granbury, TX
Liberty Christian in Argyle, TX
Burton Academy in Arlington, TX
Fort Worth Christian in Fort Worth, TX
ISchool High in Lewsiville, TX
North Crowley High School in Crowley, TX
Crowley High School in Crowley, TX
Lake Country Christian in Fort Worth, TX
Tolar High in Tolar, TX
SHAPE Academy in Granbury, TX
John Paul II Catholic High in Schertz, TX
Lakeland Christian in Lakeland, FL
Trinity Christian in Cedar Hill, TX
Calvary Christian in Fort Worth, TX
Tempe Pre Academy in Tempe, AZ

Denton Calvary in Denton, TX
Trinity Christian in Addison, TX
Legacy Christian in Frisco, TX
Providence Classical in Spring, TX
Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, TX
Incarnate Word Catholic High School in San Antonio, TX
St. Joseph’s Catholic in St. Bend, IN
Central Catholic High in San Antonio,TX
Providence Catholic High in San Antonio, TX
St. Anthony’s Catholic High in San Antonio, TX
Robert G. Cole High in San Antonio, TX
Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth, TX
St. Ignatius in Fort Worth, TX
Willow Bend Academy in Lewisville, TX
Pantego Christian in Fort Worth, TX
Azle High in Azle, TX
Farmersville High in Farmersville, TX
Midland Classical in Midland, TX
Celina High in Celina High, TX
Anna High in Anna, TX
Van Alstyne High in Van Alstune, TX
Western Hills High in Fort Worth, TX
Topsail High in Wilmington, NC
Ambelside in San Angelo TX
Willow Bend Academy in Plano TX

What these schools are saying...

  • We had the ‘Master the SAT/ACT Class’ at our school a couple of years ago. We took the information and implemented into a study group using Jean’s material. All our students raised their scores from 300-500 points. This class is amazing!”   -Toni G., Faith Christian Academy

  • Since Jean has been teaching at our school for the last couple of years, our SAT scores have surpassed several school districts. You could pay a lot more money at another prep class and still not get the amount of information found in her class. I learn something new every time I sit in on a class. Our merit scholarships for seniors went from one million to five million, a 500% increase. Our SAT scores have never been better!”   -Dr. Sheryl H., Dallas Christian School

  • College Prep Genius: The No-Brainer Way to SAT/ACT Success, has been a helpful addition to our junior curriculum. For the past few years, all of our juniors were mandated to take this two-day course which we provided during the school day. The positive feedback includes awareness of the importance of preparation, strategic strategies toward success on the test, helpful hints in time saving strategies, and a positive attitude that this preparation produced among most of our student body.”    -Evelyn G., Providence Catholic School

  • The class is wonderful. Our students have enjoyed the class and learned strategies to improve test scores. Jean has also conducted an in-service for our math and English teachers to teach them testing strategies to use in their classes. I would recommend this class!”     -Lea D., Assistant Principal Brewer High School

  • We have only had College Prep Genius here three times, and our test scores are at the International Baccalaureate level. We will keep them coming!”    -Christy L., Lakeland Christian School

  • To teachers: This course is just the ticket for students who need an extra boost in their SAT score or who have never taken it before. My daughter took this course as a Freshman and her score dramatically increased on the PSAT. She is in the National Merit competition as a result. The cost of this course is the best deal around for the results you see. Jean makes the course fun. The students are not just taking practice test after practice test. She gives them real strategies and shows them “how” to take the test with confidence. Like any SAT/ACT prep course, if your child does not practice the strategies, you will not see results, but practicing what you learn will from Jean will definitely produce positive results.  Thanks Jean for providing such a wonderful service to our students!    -Regina W., Teacher Brewer High School

  • Because of Jean Burk, our students at Burton Academy have learned it is critical to begin early preparing for the SAT and just as importantly how to study for the test. The students seem more confident with their skills and abilities therefore, taking the SAT just does not seem as scary as it once did.”    -Ashley O., Burton Academy

  • Jean did an excellent job in presenting this material in a way that was entertaining and relevant to the students. I was excited to see my students’ enthusiasm for taking the SAT/ACT by gaining a better understanding of how the test is put together. If students take this class and then put in a little extra test prep work each day, there’s no telling how high their SAT scores can go. And in today’s economy, scholarship money for high SAT scores is priceless.”    -Linda G., Denton Calvary Academy

  • I love your program and I think when students really put forth the effort, it can make a huge difference. I would be glad to give an endorsement on how I believe in the program and how convenient and affordable it is. I have appreciated having College Prep as a resource for our students.”    -Tracie G., Harvest Christian Academy

  • Although some of our students that take the class do not initially want to, they are because their parents are making them. They have come back to me and said they learned so much and were very glad that they had gone. I would say about 90% of our students who have taken your class have raised their scores at least 100 points.”   -Vicki C., Lake Country Christian School

  • College Prep Genius taught a 15 week (one hour class per week) at Coram Deo which recently finished in December. The stats of the juniors who took the College Prep Genius class and then the test showed an average raise in score of 214 points (2 students increased 610 points on the SAT) and the PSAT average score raise was 29 points (one student increased 50 points)! It was also determined that CPG and Dr. Art Ricciardi were the most popular electives offered by the school – the Fall class filled up two days after being opened!”    -Kathy S., Coram Deo Academy

  • College Prep Genius is a concise program that equips students with test-taking strategies that take the fear out of the exam. Our students consistently score 100-150 points higher on the actual SAT right after the class.”    - Kelly C., Fort Worth Christian School

  • We have had students who took the course, practiced, and improved their PSAT scores by 30 points or more! I think the course is beneficial for anyone, but what really makes a difference in the scores is practicing the techniques the class teaches. If the school plans to orchestrate/mandate that, I believe they can expect significant improvement across the board.”   -Carmen W., Providence Classical Academy

  •  had an student who did not do well on SAT – plateaued at 1200 pts, could not get it up any – so I let her use the CPG Success Book and her score jumped 200 points. When asked how she did it, she said: ‘I just did what the book said.’ So I am sold and are glad you came to our school!”    -Tyler D., Western Hills High School

  • College Prep Genius is a great product, a great value, and great service for our students!”   -Robin B., Willow Bend Academy

  • Loved it! Was wonderful at every turn. Near cried wishing I had this knowledge when I was young. This is my second sitting and I never cease to be amazed at the speed, accuracy and overall efficiency for decoding, attacking and commanding the SAT.”   -T Currier (former) counselor at Carmel Christian in Matthews, NC

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