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Boot Camp FAQs

What do I need to do to host a College Prep Genius Boot Camp?

Are there any benefits to being a boot camp host?

What is included in a live boot camp class?

Is a live boot camp better than the Master the SAT/ACT eCourse?

Can parents attend the boot camp class?

Included in a live bootcamp:

  • 12-hour live boot camp session
  • College Prep Genius Workbook Hard Copy
  • Bonus one-year eCourse membership ($189 Value)
  • 12-Lesson Interactive eCourse
  • College Prep Genius Textbook (Hard Copy)
  • College Prep Genius Workbook (Hard Copy)
  • Journal for Success (PDF Download
  • Homework Guide (PDF Download)
  • SAT Essay Templates (eReader)
  • Class Notes Outline (PDF Download)
  • Access to teacher's guide and syllabus for study group.

Note: The eCourse is a BONUS to the live boot camp so If you own the eCourse, your student current eCourse membership will be extended an additional year for no charge.  The bonus eCourse begins after the live bootcamp.

Please read our bootcamp class policy.

For a detailed guide on hosting one of our "Master the SAT/ACT Classes" in your city, download the packet here

Ready to Book a Class?

  • 1
    Contact us at or 817.282.7737 ext. 3 to find a tentative date for your class.
  • 2
    To garner interest from serious students, download and edit the second page our parent interest flyer. Once you have filled in your information, along with your tentative class date, save as a JPEG, send to all of your contacts and post it on social media.
  • 3
    After you have received 10 checks in hand, contact us to finalize your class date and time. 817.282.7737 ext. 3 or

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Special Perks

Parents who meet the minimum of hosting a class will receive FREE tuition for their children. Class hosts will also be given a College Prep Genius Textbook hard copy, the complete VocabCafe Book Series and the essential guide to High School, High School Prep Genius! (approx. $600 Value!)

As a host, you can also receive a Teacher's Guide and Student Syllabus in case you want to have a follow-up study group with the students after the boot camp. For many students, having this accountability to review the eCourse as a group and do the follow-up homework can make the difference in their score raise.

Hosts do not incur any additional expenses to organize a class. College Prep Genius covers all instructor fees, airfare, hotel, rental car, and miscellaneous expenses; which is why each class requires a minimum student count. To host a class:

Sample Two-Day Class

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

12pm to 6pm or 1pm to 7pm

(breaks and lunch)

(breaks and lunch)

(breaks and snack/meal)

Minimum student number:

  • 10 Full-Tuition Students (Continental US Only, within reasonable distance to major airports*) . 
  • Siblings and Alumni count as 1/2 student toward the minimum. 
  • Class maximum is only limited to the space available in your location.

*Hawaii, Alaska and International Residents can contact us for travel and class details. Call us 817-282-7737 or Email us at

What are hosts saying about the class...

For more host, parent and student testimonial videos, click here.

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Twice I have presented a famous name-brand SAT/ACT prep course in my classroom, but have found Jean Burk’s College Prep Genius classes to be ten times better. Mrs. Burk is brilliant! Her lively manner, concise explanations of patterns and PowerPoint presentation are awesome.”  – Susanne J. (Writing Prep Teacher at Eastfield College)


It was a pleasure working with Jean to bring the Master the SAT/ACT class to my homeschool community. Jean is passionate about preparing students to succeed and is thoroughly knowledgeable about not only the SAT/ACT but about the process. Parents praised the content and the value of the class. At our first break on the first day, one parent told me, ‘If it were over now, I feel I have gotten my money’s worth already.’ Considering she paid for two students, her testament is a tremendous commendation of the content and value of the Master the SAT/ACT class.”  – Angie S. (Hosted in Athens, Texas)


I just finished hosting Jean at a seminar in our city, and it was fabulous! My daughter attended, and I sat in on the seminar as well. It is JAM PACKED with valuable information – too much to absorb in a two-day time span. But because she’s put all of the notes into a text, and the text and workbook are included in the cost of the seminar, your student can take his/her time reviewing all the material when they get home. My daughter already feels so much more confident about taking the PSAT and the SAT/ACT, and she hasn’t even started studying yet!”  – Cyndi M. (Hosted in Oklahoma City)


I was very excited to find a college prep class that was short andconcentrated over 3 days with practical working sessions in it. I could not afford the long term classes that cost hundreds of dollars, and my daughter could not afford the weeks of time commitment that other prep classes offer. College Prep Genius was the perfect price and duration. It was a great value. The teaching was incredible. Very practical tips and tricks that simplified the test-taking. JEAN BURK KNOWS HER STUFF!Both public schooled and home schooled juniors attended the class I hosted in my home, and they all seemed to be excited about what they learned and how they would apply it to the future SAT/ACT they would take.”  – Brenda L. (Hosted in Coppell, Texas)


I wanted to share some GREAT, AMAZING NEWS with you. My English Honors student, Matthew, has been accepted to 4 out of the 5 colleges he has applied. . . He has accumulated right at or above $100,000 in scholarship money, too!”  – Sandy S. (Hosted in Charleston, South Carolina)


Jean’s seminar was eye-opening to all in our class. The numerous tips and strategies covered in our two-day session would doubtlessly prove beneficial to anyone needing to raise their SAT/ACT score. Not only that, the kids had a lot of fun too!  I don’t know of any other course that comes close, especially given the low cost of ‘The Master the SAT Class’.”  – Linda T. (Hosted in McKinney, Texas)


Well worth the value! I actually feel like you’re paying me to take the class when I factor in how much scholarship money my child will receive. My daughter received nearly 10k in academic money!”  – Melanie G. (Hosted in Riverview, Florida)


Jean is awesome at communicating to students and adults the importance of mastering the SAT/ACT. Master the SAT/ACT Class helps you to understand time management, test questions and planning for success. This is not a normal test! You can write an essay that will give you a perfect score of 6!”  – Janey M. (Hosted in Savannah, Georgia)


We hosted Jean for an SAT/ACT Prep class in the spring of 2008. We had a mix of public school and homeschool students. Jean is well prepared and very thorough. She has a lot of energy, controls the class well, keeps their interest and focus. My son loved it! He was disappointed that he didn’t take her class before his PSAT. He wants to take it again as a refresher before the next SAT/ACT. Highly recommended!”  – Tracy M. (Hosted in Granbury, Texas)


What a wealth of information All of the tips and strategies will help to fine tune and hone any student’s test taking skills!! No other classes of this type are this reasonably priced.”  – Julie P. (Hosted in Louisville, Kentucky)


Mrs. Burk was highly organized and a delight to work with. Her seminar was very practical and helpful, at a reasonable price!” – Claudia F. (Hosted in Gainesville, Texas)


I was thoroughly impressed with this class. We received so much practical instruction on the best ways to approach the PSAT & SAT/ACT exams. Jean was inspiring & kept the students’ attention, as well as connecting with them on a personal level.”  – JoAnn P. (Hosted in  Bowie, Texas)


I asked Jean to come all the way to San Antonio to present her class to us, and she was more than willing. I was able to fill the room with students; parents were eager to have their kids get good scores, and the price of the class was not overwhelming. The information shared was vital; I know it helped my two sons do much better than if they had gone in to it not knowing what to expect (I never took the SAT, so I was no help to them!). Now they are both getting letters from colleges we didn’t even show an interest in because of their good scores! I will definitely do this again with my 10 and 7 year old children in a few years. The information is invaluable!!”  – Linda A. (Hosted in San Antonio, Texas)


I was given Jean’s information for the PSAT class. Unable to make the date given, I contacted her to arrange a class in our area. I’m delighted to say working with Jean was wonderful! She is organized, communicates well, and presents an excellent plan for success with the test (plus, the price of the class was affordable)… perfect! The classroom was full. My son did very well on the PSAT! We’re hoping the skills he learned from this class will continue to give him success on the SAT. Thanks Jean for your time, your passion and your ministry!” – Chris B. (Hosted in Dallas, Texas)


We put together a class of 40 home schooled High Schoolers and they were all inspired by the information they learned in the “Master the SAT/ACT Class.” I’m not sure how anyone could take the PSAT/SAT without hearing the patterns, tips, tricks and time-savers that Jean explains in her 10 hour/2 day prep class or course! I highly recommend seeing her in person if you can. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. The course is a great way to learn the info. too or follow-up on one of the classes. We will be having her back to teach another crop of High Schoolers in the future! Thank you Jean for passing along your wisdom to the next generation! What an incredible class!”  – Janet M. (Hosted in Sarasota, Florida)


I never thought I would be excited for my son to take the SAT! Your College Prep Genius class has given him the techniques, strategies and insight he needed to be successful on the daunting SAT!  I was so encouraged that he didn’t have to go into the SAT blindly as I did and hope for the best but that he could actually be prepared and conquer the SAT!  You have put years of research and information into this class and presented it in a way that if the students really want to do well on the PSAT/SAT they can!  THANK YOU for sharing the simple techniques and strategies you have found successful in mastering the SAT so that others might succeed as well!”  – Dawnette L. (Hosted in Plano, Texas)

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For references information, please contact or 81-SAT-2-PREP.

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