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SAT and ACT Cancellations. Take the CLT.

April 12, 2020

Juniors and seniors are panicking across our nation with the announcement of the spring college entrance exams being cancelled. The test makers for the SAT and ACT have had to adapt to social distancing like the rest of us. But, take heart, this is temporary and there is an option that you may not even know about that can be the differentiator for you during these unprecedented times.

Hope is coming from the CLT. (Classic Learning Test) It is an online alternative to the two big guys and has been around over four years. Before the COVID pandemic, it was already accepted for entrance and scholarships in about 200 colleges. Even Harvard started considering it for their applicants. The registrations increased 500% the first week of April.

According to Jeremy Tate, the brainchild behind the CLT, “[Many if not] all colleges are now accepting the CLT in lieu of the cancelled SAT and ACTs”. Their enrollment skyrocketed 300% just this week alone. They didn’t have to adjust much for the transition since the test was already administered online.

Students can now take the test on April 25th from home using their own device such as a laptop or tablet. It will be remotely proctored by the CLT company. The students will also be glad to know that the test is only two hours long compared to the three hours for the SAT and ACT. They will also receive same day results. There will also be another test announced soon for June 20.

For a special bonus, families can register for the test and use the Partner ID code: “CPG18” and the cost of the test will be cut in half. These great folks also noted, “During this time of uncertainty, many families are experiencing financial difficulties. CLT is happy to offer scholarships to take the exam, including full fee waivers. Please contact us to learn more.” info@cltexam.com or (844) 925-8392

There are about a dozen colleges that have waived the entrance exam (SAT/ACT) for the year, but remember most have not and to receive scholarships, a test must be submitted. The need for students to ace standardized tests will always be around so take advantage of this opportunity to learn to beat these tests since 85% of colleges admit and give money simply based on a test score. Colleges receive their national rankings based on these scores, so the higher the score—the more money you get!

Hopefully these unprecedented times will soon pass, and all will get back to normal. Testing companies, like everyone else, will have to adjust but the need for students to ace standardized tests are here to stay. Students can use this extra time as a grace period to practice and see their scores soar. 

How to Ace These Tests

Here’s a guideline for a Study Plan with the College Prep Genius online eCourse on acing standardized tests like the SAT/ACT/CLT…If you don’t own it, purchase here


Watch these important videos:

a. Download the books
b. How to Practice
c. Getting Started
d. Organize Notebook


Take Test #1 for a baseline. 


Follow the daily homework guide, approximately one hour a day. for a baseline. 


Do the quizzes


Follow the Checklist for Success.


Take as many full length timed-tests as possible

Important Test Updates and Resources

SAT Updates:

ACT Updates:

CLT Updates:
Now is the time to consider the CLT (Classic Learning Test) Given that the CLT primarily offers exams that are online and can be taken at home, they have needed to adjust very little to keep operations running smoothly. This test is a great
alternative and could be the differentiator for college entrance and scholarships.

Use Partner ID: CPG18 for half off registration. cltexam.com College Prep Genius is the only test prep company recommended by CLT and our CLT test prep program will be out soon. A note from these great folks:

“During this time of uncertainty, many families are experiencing financial difficulties. CLT is happy to offer scholarships to take the exam, including full fee waivers. Please contact us to learn more.
info@cltexam.com or (844) 925-8392

Here are some updates on the financial aid side:

Congress Response to Students Displaced by The Coronavirus
Congress has proposed the Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act, which includes $1.2 billion in emergency financial aid funding "to students in higher education to help address basic needs created by unexpected college closures and COVID-19 related disruptions, including food, housing, health care, and child care needs.

Stock Market Slides & Financial Consequences Could Close Down Some Colleges for Good!
There has already been a working list of colleges that have or are in danger of shutting down due to financial risk. Some schools like the University of Wisconsin system are expected to consolidate.

While many other schools have or are considering merging with other colleges and universities. Recent schools that have closed are Newbury College, Green Mountain College and Wheelock College which merged with my alma mater Boston University.

But this was long before all the recent news. We can expect to see several other colleges, especially small colleges without hefty, billion dollar endowments close due to economic downturn.

Will College Students Get A Refund for Their Housing Bill?
With students being ask to leave their college campuses, there have been some concern over whether they will be reimbursed for housing and meal plans they've paid for.

Current Students in Most Cases Keep Their Financial Aid
Most student's classes have moved online, but there are some classes that are having difficulty transitioning such as Theatre or classes with labs.

If the classes get cancelled, students may move to part-time status and lose their financial aid eligibility. The Dept. of Ed says they have no say in the matter.

Some Students May Receive More Financial Aid
If you're experiencing hardship because your employer closed down due to the virus or you're the owner of a gym, fine dining restaurant, bar or club for example, you can contact the financial aid office and ask for professional judgement.

Department of Education Ensures Work-Study Payments
Many students on work-study at their college will continue to get paid even though they're not on campus.

Coronavirus Also Affects Student Loan Borrowers
The president has discussed pausing interest for some student loans. We may also see student loan interest rates significantly decrease which can allow for refinances for borrowers with outstanding debt.

Source: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/how-the-coronavirus-can-disrupt-your-college-financialaid and Trevor Ramos

If you’re worried about the legacy of College debt then I invite you go watch, How to Ace the SAT and GetFREE College (collegeprepgenius.com/AceTheSAT). I taught my kids how to do this. And since then I have helped literally tens of thousands of students create a better future for themselves. I would love to help you!

CPG Founder | Author

Jean Burk is the author of the award-winning College Prep Genius program and has written numerous articles about the SAT and PSAT tests, high school prep, college prep, and how to get free college. She is a Fox News Contributor and has been featured as an SAT and Educational expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TXA21, CW33, WE, Forbes, UShop TV and The Homeschool Channel.

She currently travels and speaks about the importance of college preparation at conventions, book fairs, schools, libraries, etc. She has taught her revolutionary, award-winning “Master the SAT” Prep Class all over the United States, mainland China, India, Hong Kong and Thailand. Her program is now also online at www.collegeprepgenius.com . 

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