An Interview with College Prep Genius CEO- Jean Burk

Interview With Author Jean Burk

  1. What type of books do you write?  Educational guide books for students to have success in their journey through high school, college and beyond! My “College Prep Genius” books are an accumulation of information about how students can ace standardized tests for college entrance and scholarships! “High School Prep Genius” is like a personal high school counselor/expert that gives the parents and students a step-by-step guide through each month of each year with information that most guidance counselors don’t know that will help students gain an incredible edge. Our Vocabcafé book series are fun and wholesome novellas that each contain 300 SAT level words in context with the definition and pronunciation at the bottom of the page to instantly reinforce high level vocabulary building. They easily help students learn to speak and write on a professional level!

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