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Don’t send your student to College alone!

May 24, 2021

College Prep Genius is honored to be the official test prep for ESS! (Every Student Sent)

You are probably aware that around 70% of Christian students who start college have walked away from their faith before they graduate. Most of these students, in whom parents, youth leaders, and Christian schools have invested for years, planned to continue in their faith. The Navigators ministry did a study that identified that the first 72 hours on campus creates such bonds between new students that this often dictates their friends and spiritual trajectory! Year after year, students and parents are blindsided by this situation. How can we get ahead of this?

Fortunately, now there is an effective answer and a way you can send your student to college with a team of Christian friends, college ministries, and campus churches – with an exciting mission!

Every Student Sent has pulled together a national coalition of college ministries, youth ministries, denominations, Christian schools, and homeschool associations to make it normal in America for all Christian high school juniors and seniors to select colleges with good ministries and churches and to connect with them, joining with them in special social groups. Students love the idea of heading to college with a set of Christian friends and leaders they have gotten to know all summer before college. 

The student’s faith fully forms and grows as they become part of a team that shares Jesus in their dorms during the first weeks of college when new students are especially open to new ideas and new friends. Dorm revivals have started this way, and entire churches have seen the 70% faith drop-off disappear and be replaced by energetic students reaching out.

Every Student Sent also provides other tools to help families with practical matters such as finding the right career and major, minimizing student debt, and earning better SAT/ACT/CLT scores with College Prep Genius. 

Go to the Engage menu on www.EveryStudentSent.org or to the quick links below and see how this helps students, parents, churches, Christian schools, and homeschoolers/homeschool associations.

For more information contact John Decker at john.decker@everystudentsent.org or 315-480-1232

For Students:


For Parents:


For Homeschool Association:


For Christian schools:


For Churches:


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