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Homeschool Co-ops & Private/Public school classrooms all across the United States are using the College Prep Genius program to great success! The lessons can easily be integrated into regular weekly classroom sessions. Each lesson also includes pertinent homework that reinforces the strategies that students learn. (Homework requires access to “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board.)

There is minimal preparation for teachers and co-op leaders. Each teacher is given a weekly lesson plan that includes homework and tips for running the class. It’s simple, easy-to-follow, and does not require expertise regarding standardized testing. All the instruction is taken care of in the course.

*PLEASE NOTE: College Prep Genius can only be used in a co-op/classroom setting that is not-for-profit. Money cannot be earned by using the program in this manner.

Here are a few Co-op Class testimonials:

“I love your program and am teaching it again this spring! One of my students is now a National Merit Scholar. Thanks so much!”
     -Marsha; Guntersville, AL

“Our co-op enjoyed your curriculum so much that they want to continue with the class again this year. I can tell you… I am your biggest fan who has been advertising for you A LOT. I know there have been several families from Florida and Georgia who have bought your curriculum after I have recommended your course to them. I have also been asked to speak about the SAT in front of our homeschool group, which I always give you the full credit. We have absolutely loved this course! My son is taking college classes (dual enrolled) and he repeatedly tells me this course has helped him not only in taking the SAT, but also in his college courses. It also has helped me to have better teaching techniques with my 9-year-old!”
     -Jayme; Panama City, FL

“I LOVED teaching your SAT PREP course. It helped Morgan out so much that she got a high score on her PSAT as a sophomore!”
     -Thelma; Lantana, TX

“My son and I attended your seminar here in Vero Beach, FL. It was wonderful and Danny, my son, caught on to the importance of being prepared for the SAT/PSAT. Thank you for coming out here to help us get prepared for the PSAT/SAT. Now I am want to teach it to my co-op.”
     -Claudina; Legacy Co-op

“I know your program really works! I never did well on the SAT but I worked the problems while my students worked it and I actually got them correct!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! I so wish I had taken your course in 1986 or ’87! But I’m sure you are much too young to have had it then!”
-Michelle; Vanguard and Artios Academies Co-op

*Teachers should allow time for product review, so please order materials at least 3 weeks before your class start date.

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For reference contact information, please contact or 81-SAT-2-PREP.

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