Class Overview

Class Overview

A Surprising Fact: The SAT Reading is NOT about Reading!

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s not about reading what on earth is it about? After all, it IS the Reading section. I am going to give you some great tips in a moment. But the fact remains, it’s a challenging section. You have 65 minutes in total to not only read 6 passages but also answer 52 questions. That’s an average of 1.2 mins per question even if you didn’t have to read the passages.

cut_time_ltCut Time in Half: This section might be the most hated section of SAT but College Prep Genius will show you how to cut the time you need per question  in half, finish all the questions correctly and on time. You might even have time to spare after you’ve checked your work!


speedreading_ltSpeed-Reading is Not Necessary: In fact it probably won’t help at all. Speed-reading is an excellent skill to take on board but it is NOT  the key to acing this section. With the CPG courses you’ll learn some extra special little known tips. They’ll help you to work out what to look for, which of the information is superfluous,  and work out exactly what you should read. It’s gold-plated information.


skippassage_ltSkip 75% of Passage: As I just said, there are “secret” ways to work out what is worth reading, and what is not. You see, most students naturally approach this section as if it were an English class at school. They analyze and interpret the passages. When you do the College Prep Genius course we’ll prove to you that there is often  up to 75% of the passage completely unnecessary to read. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you can happily leave much of the reading alone and still be sure you’re answering the questions correctly.


threetypes_lt3 Types of Passages: The patterns used to create the tests are predictable and if you don’t know how to recognize them and then answer them correctly, the going could get quite tough. At CPG we’ll show you the 3 types of passages that you’ll come across on each and every test and give you valuable techniques on tackling each type.


questions_lt5 Types of Questions: And within each recurring type of passages 5 different types of questions are given a workout! There is nothing random about this challenging yet beatable SAT Reading test. You can triumph over it with the right test-prep program! You’ll systematically learn the secrets to each type.



How is it that Top Maths Students Can Get Low SAT Math Scores?

  • Bad in Math? No Worries!: Just because you love math doesn’t mean you’ll score well. Actually many excellent math students get their lowest scores in this section. This is because it’s not like the math you do at school. You won’t get any credit for working out problems the long way. And just like the Reading section there are hints and techniques that will shortcut your work big time! The good news is that every math problem can be answered quickly and often without calculations. We’ll teach you the built-in shortcuts and you’ll be happily whizzing through the section in no time.


  • Not a Math Test: SAT math is not at all like school math. Yes, of course there are math questions but they are presented in a way that tests your critical thinking skills—and some of them are written in a bizarre way—but they all use math as the medium. When you know this, gone will be the frustration. Once you know what to look for and how to process the answers so you can choose the right one, you’ll feel confident even when they spring an unknown concept on you!


  • You Won’t Need Your Calculator: Using a calculator can introduce another way you can make mistakes. So it is great to know is that every question on the test can be answered without a calculator. We’ll show you how!


  • Easily Eliminate the Wrong Answers: You only get about one minute to answer each question. That’s not much time. So you don’t want to waste the little time you have testing each suggested answer. College Prep Genius shows you how you can get by without ever testing more than two answers. This will automatically cut your working out time in half.


  • Find Your Answers Within the Question: Did you know that more often than not the way the question is constructed often points you directly to the answer. And you know what that means? Instead of reverting back to crunching numbers you’ll know what to choose without wasting any time.


  • Love Math or Hate Math, You Can Score Big: When you know what to look for you’ll think less about formulas and calculations. You’ll save loads of time and even have some to spare at the end!


  • Enjoy Less Geometry: Geometry is the least loved part of the Math section but in the newly redesigned SAT it only comprises about 10% of it. You’ll just love the 3 rhymes that we’ll teach you: Geometry becomes a cinch and you’ll leave happy.


Don’t Write Off the Writing and Language Section

  • It’s a Great Combination: On the old SAT, many colleges ignored the Writing portion but now it’s combined with the Reading score and now they’re compulsory for inclusion in the college equation for both colleges and students. Again, you’ll love that this is a learnable section.


  • 40 Seconds Per Question: They really don’t give you much time here either. Let’s see … there are 4 passages, 44 questions and 35 minutes to finish: That’s only about 40 seconds per question! College Prep Genius will show you a super cool pattern on the test you can use to answer up to 75% of the questions in 10 seconds!


  • 3 Types of Questions: The test has evolved to a predictable format with just 3 types of questions that correlate to 4 passages with underlined portions. We’ll teach you which ones test grammar, style or analyze reading.


  • No Grammar Genius needed: I don’t know many people who can remember the actual grammar rules you learned in elementary school. No worries, the writing sections uses 13 recurring patterns that you will learn with CPG. The beauty of a standardized test is that the test-makers are not going to change them up on you. You just have to know what to look for.


Omit the Optional Essay at Your Peril … or
How to Score Points Others Aren’t Going For!

  • Take the Advantage: Now that the New SAT has an optional essay, most students are going to take the easy way out and opt-out. But not you! You might think it will make life easier but there are long term implications that could jeopardize your chances. So do the essay. There are 4 extremely valid reasons to ALWAYS write the essay that can yield amazing benefits.


  • 50 Minute Format: At the end of a long SAT test-day, adding a 50-minute essay is tough-going. But College Prep Genius comes to the rescue again. Think of how much easier it will be when you can prepare  at least 50% of the paper before you get there, even though you naturally won’t know the topic. Sounds odd but believe me, we will teach you the tricks.


  • Proven Template: You won’t have any idea of the topic of the essay ahead of time. But that does not matter. CPG teaches you our proven template. With a little practice you'll be able to write an analytical paper demonstrating how the given document’s author built his or her argument.


  • Be Familiar with the Judging Criteria: There are 3600 judges across the nation and they’re all faced with the overwhelming responsibility of reading and grading tens of thousands of subjective essays. It’s a tough gig but remember this is a standardized test so they MUST follow a rigid framework to make sure your work gets compared fairly with everyone else’s—regardless of who writes it, where they live or how or where they’re schooled. It has to be objective or the whole system won’t work.


  • It’s No Longer “Persuasive:” The changed format means that students can no longer bring in outside information such as historical facts, personal stories or excerpts from literature. But there’s no need to worry, College Prep Genius teaches you a very powerful acronym so you know exactly what you need to include in each line and in each paragraph. It’s almost too good to be true. The main thing: It works and we’ll teach it to you.


  • Length Matters: You’re given four blank pages and 50 minutes and you have to write the perfect essay. It’s pretty scary. No wonder tens of thousands just don’t do the essay. Fear not. CPG has already done the hard yards. We’ve analyzed every aspect of perfect scoring essays and will give you the key to a perfect score.


More important information

  • The College Prep Genius eCourse can be used an an elective on the transcript. It can be called "test prep", "test skills", "prep skills", etc.

Bonus eReaders (Comprehensive upgrade for $299)


  • Vocabcafé Book Series: Easily improve vocabulary with fun and wholesome narrative stories. Each novella contains 300 SAT level vocabulary words placed in context with the definition at the bottom of the page for reference and reinforcement. (They can be used as a literature credit or creative writing credit by having students take the words that learned at the end of the chapter and write them back into their own sentence, paragraph or story.)

    Prankster Maleck and is mischievous roommate commandeer a ship and crash land on a mysterious island. Finding their way home is a quest to stop a planetary-wide rebellion, overthrow a dictator and save a young princess.

    The 1856 wild west era brings survival, devastating loss and a struggle to withstand the elements. For the Watkins, a fresh start awaits them as they head back east to St. Peters.

    Super-nerd Nick Franklin’s desire to become a lawyer and spend his extra time studying is interrupted when his ordinary holiday takes a turn as he finds a small fortune. It is a thought-provoking tale of chance, romance, mystery and sacrifice.

    Three teens set out to create the greatest independent film of all time, but as the glitz and glamour start to beguile them, true friendship is tested. A story that exams ambition, fame, loyalty and forgiveness.

    The new girl at school simply wants to navigate through high school as quietly as possible, but a mysterious note would draw her into a journey of cold nights, shadowy figures and even a threat to national security. It becomes a quest to discover self-reliance, personal strength and the value of friendship.

    A star tennis player gets tangled up in a chat-room plan that goes awry and finds himself in a dangerous game of life and death with a serial killer. A non-stop, action packed adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • 15 Secrets to Free College This e-book contains little-known information about getting money for college. Here’s an overview:
    • The Key Formula for Receiving More Money
    • Three FAFSA Mistakes that lose you money
    • Ivy Leagues for FREE
    • Eat your Way to Free College
    • How 85% of Colleges Admit/Give Money
    • Full-Scholarships Made Easy
    • Free Graduate School Money
    • Record-Keeping Secrets
    • Secret Scholarship Search Tips
    • #1 College Essay Trick
    • Money for Middle School
    • Free College Credit
  • High School Prep Genius The “2013 Blue Ribbon Award for The Best and Favorite College Prep Resource” is like having a personal guidance counselor at your fingertips and designed for families with private, public and homeschooled students in 7th grade and above. Here’s an overview:
    • Monthly Guide for 9th to 12th Grades
    • Middle school information
    •  Checklist for Parents
    • Checklist for Students
    • Make a college/career planning notebook
    • College Search and Admissions Counselor Info
    • Scholarship Information
    • Important Study Tips
    • Time Management Strategies
    • Tips from Guidance Counselors
    • Picking a High School Degree Plan
    • Identifying Interests and Personal Motivation
    • Internships
    • Summer before College
    • Little known secrets of the highly competitive
    • How to set Long and Short Term goal
    • Transcript Information
    • All about Volunteering/Extra-curricular Activities and Awards


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