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My son William’s first practice SAT was in the 1500′s, pretty frustrating for an extremely bright student. After completing the College Prep Genius program, he scored in the top 2% in the Nation on his PSAT. On his SAT he got an 800 (perfect) on Critical reading and 740 on Math! His two younger brothers took a practice SAT and felt completely defeated by the process. We started them on the program last week and they are amazed at how easy, yes, EASY it is for them now… and we have just begun! When getting ready for to take the sample questions for lesson #2 yesterday (there are 12 perfectly laid out lessons), Nate said, ‘I am so going to own this!’ Do not waste time on anything else to help prepare your child for the SAT AND don’t wait to get started on this. It is one of the best investments you will make for your child.  The author, Jean Burk, really cares, she only wants our children to succeed.”

Jeanette G. – North Carolina


My daughter took herself through your DVD program and raised her score several hundred points! Thank you!! I was very inspired by your information and also quickly scouted out some college camps. She is currently at a Women in Engineering summer camp at University of Dayton, to which she also received a full scholarship. Your workshop was very helpful and we put it to use immediately!”

Crystal D. (Ohio)


200 POINT RAISE IN JUST 2 WEEKS! The Critical Reading helped especially. As an 8th grader, my daughter can now take college courses as a freshman in high school. We thoroughly endorse your product and cannot wait to let you know how well she does after spending more time with all your products and taking the test again in a year or two! Thanks sooo much!

Celina B. (Florida)


My son Peter went up 450 points after your class. Amazing!”

-Kim D. (Grapevine, TX)


2310 on the SAT! My son John received a full-ride to North Western University! He took your class and practiced in the summer just you like you said. Thanks!”

– Kee L. (Euless, TX)


Incredible Class! My son, Buddy, not only raised his score 600 points, but received a $200,000 scholarship to Brown University He is also the first student from his school to go to an IVY League school. Thanks a million”

Joseph Yow (Fort Worth, TX)


My son, Sam, took your class last summer… We received his PSAT/NMQST score of 218. He became a National Merit winner and in return, and received around $100,000 in scholarship money from Baylor! Thanks for your help.”

– Patti S. (Bedford, TX)


ALMOST PERFECT PSAT SCORE! My daughter, Natasha scored a 235 out of a 240 on her PSAT test. (She only missed one question.) God used you to get us down this path. If your class would have been $1000, we could not have taken it. Thank you so much!”

– Nancy V. Plano, TX


Exceeded my expectations. Hundreds of tips and practical demonstrations for drastically improving your SAT score. Great take home materials and sound advice for follow up.”

Roanne A.– Estero, FL


Fabulous class! Excellent material covered by a super speaker! Wish I had known about this material several years ago.”

Debbie H. – Fayetteville, NC


Jean Burk is an excellent teacher. I would pay more to hear her speak, she is an expert on the subject, kept the students actively engaged and provided valuable information. I am very impressed with the content, and the books and DVD it came with. She is amazing, and helped me by providing my answers to our questions. It certainly gave us the confidence about the SAT and PSAT. She is very generous in including the book and DVD. I would highly recommend this to all students.”

Anna C.- Princeton, NJ


Excellent. Teaching was interesting and very valuable. Includes DVDs and books to use at home. Very reasonable pricing.”

Karen M. – Danas, GA


Mrs. Burk taught an amazing course. It really helped us identify areas we had to work on to score well on the SAT test. Highly recommended!”

Deborah F.– Newburgh, NY


This course went well above my expectations.”

Amy T. – Fort Meyers, FL


Great class – very impressed!”

Andrea C.- Oak Ridge, NC


Fun, fast-paced, and fruitful! Loved the course. We learned so much that will benefit us as we prepare for college entrance exams!”

Editha L. – Sebastian, FL-


It was a great class. The teacher was very clear, informative, and professional. Price includes 2 books and DVD set. Students stayed actively engaged in learning experience through all of the class time.”

Leigh Ann F. – Clinton, NC


Jean had detailed knowledge about the subject, was well organized and easy to follow. It was a pleasure being in her class because she has the heart of a teacher and wants everyone to excel.”

Laura M. – Titusville, FL


Mrs. Burk was organized and well prepared, She was professional, pleasant and time conscious.”

Diane Kinnard – Mount Clemens, MI


I was very impressed with the information Jean taught and shared. It kept the students and parents for 2 full days! I would highly recommend this class and Jean Burk!”

Kerri R. – Vero Beach, FL


It was very informative. I learned a lot and feel more confident with the SAT test.”

Marisa G.– Wylie, TX


Jean worked at a good pace and taught valuable information. Excellent class!”

Pam B.- Fayetteville, NC


Very well experienced and good teacher.”

Madi M. – Richardson, TX


Very good and very informative. Will be helpful on the test.”

Shirley A. – El Cagon, CA


The teacher was very good and thorough.”

Mervet Y.- W. Milford, NJ


Jean Burk had excellent presentation, and was very informative.”

Irma L. W. – Lillington, NC


Our instructor, Jean Burk, was quick but careful to point out to the students that all of the material was also in the book. No question went unanswered. She also pointed out extra resources online and in the book that we should take advantage of.”

Alba A. – Leesburg, FL


Mrs. Burk was knowledgeable and interesting. The workshop was very informative.”

Tanya E. – Sanford, FL


It was absolutely worth it! I wish I had known about this years ago.”

Gina K. – Blacksburg, SC


Mrs. Burk was really good. She helped us on everything. Now I feel extremely prepared for the SAT.”

Annaliese S.- Murphy, TX


The information was well organized, presented encouragingly and full of applicable testing strategies!”

Carol deT. – Naples, FL


Well organized, fast moving, interesting, and the kids were well engaged.”

Teri M.  – Fort Meyers, FL


Jean was fabulous! Very informative and encouraging.”

Kristina O.– Naples, FL


Jean was delightful and informative. Full of knowledge!”

Barbara K. – Naples, FL


Jean the lecturer was punctual, knowledgeable, informative and ready to answer any questions. Either in person, on the phone or by email. I would certainly recommend Jean’s services representing College Prep Genius.”

Sally D. – Tallahassee, FL


Instructor was thorough and concise. She was pleasant and fun, while still being no-nonsense.”

Elizabeth M. – St. Augustine, FL


Jean did a wonderful job in presenting the information. It was worth every penny. She was very thorough!”

Bonnie M. – Vero Beach, FL


Great class ! Jean Burk was very knowledgeable and informative.”

Robin L. – Silver Springs, FL


The instructor stayed on task and answered questions as necessary. Her explanations were clear and understandable.”

Myrick W. – Ocala, FL


Mrs. Burk is passionate to teach the students how to answer the SAT questions. She is nice and polite with the students. The way how she teaches engage the students, and they pay attention.”

Rebeca S., – Wellington, SC


Jean was very informative, well prepared and gave helpful hand-outs for later study by the students.”

Sheila A. – Ocala, FL


Jean is very warm and welcoming. She was engaging, encouraging and informative!”

Nancy R.– Coral Springs, FL


It was great. Wonderful atmosphere and lots of helpful information.”

Sonya T. – Cowpens, SC

Very well organized. Easy to understand. Began and ended on time each day. Great!”

Kristy  E. – Boiling Springs, SC


Very informative. My daughter gained a ton of useful information for taking the SAT.”

Joy C. – Inmun, SC


Jean began on time and ended on time. She maintained control of the group and taught very well. She has an excellent approach and knowledge on the subject. Thank you.”

Cynthia C. – Greensboro, NC


Excellent, well-paced instruction. Interesting and very relevant- great examples and fun or amusing anecdotes.”

Elisabeth E. – Sparta, NC


Excellent, well-organized, great value.”

Amy T-B. – Charlotte, NC


Mrs. Burk was very knowledgeable on the subject and energetic in her presentation.”

Cyndi H. – Grandview, TX


Jean Burk was on time, great with the kids, and she was very detailed.”

Jenny P. – Lake Worth, FL


Everything was on schedule, organized, and well presented.”

Lisa B. – Ft. Pierce, FL


Tons of information, in an engaging manner.”

Lisa J. – Wellington, FL


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