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Vocab Café Reviews

“I can say without a doubt, that this series for young people, is an AWESOME way to prep vocabulary skills.  I was challenged on every page with new words.  So these were great books for me.”

-Renita Kuehner

“Although not done with all 4 books, my bookworm wants to continue through all of the books.  That makes me smile--getting started on them met a bit of attitude because of fear that they would be like a textbook.  We liked the books and will probably read through them again a few times.”

-Roberta Peavey

“The Vocab Café book series is an ingenious set of novellas, geared toward teens, which incorporate SAT level vocabulary words in context…  I teach college entrance exam prep classes and will be recommending these books to my students.”

-Sarah Dugger


“The series is written for high school students, but may be enjoyed be enjoyed by many middle schoolers, as well.  I know they were a great hit with my 8th grader.”

-Nanette Bartelmey

“We loved them!  What I liked the best was that the definitions were right at the bottom of the page.  They are especially great for those that have trouble with story recall.”

-Jennifer Brandes


“So there ya have it – a product that entered our house, was quickly devoured, used, and appreciated – was completely self taught by the 13 year old dyslexic non reader – and mom just took photos.”

-Angie Wright


“What if it was written at your child’s reading level, except for new words? Sounds great, right? That is just what the Vocab Café books are.”

-Alyson Brown

“Although it will be some time before my children will take the SAT's, I feel confident that by reading these books, and expanding their vocabulary, my children will have a jump start in their preparation for them.”

-Ann Kidder

“I really liked this because it has always been difficult to convince my daughter to look up words she doesn’t know when reading and for her she can easily learn the word without being distracted and needing to get back into what she was reading again.”

-Barbara Campbell

“Our 6th grader is reading at around a 7th grade level and she enjoyed these books.  They're definitely keepers to teach vocabulary to the rest of the bunch in the future.”

-Becky Gustafson

“While I hoped that my 8th-grader would enjoy the books, his 6th-grade sister enjoyed them as well.  They both agreed that this method of learning vocabulary beat looking up every word and writing down its definition hands-down!”

    -Debra Haagen


“I pride myself on a pretty decent vocabulary knowledge, but I think there are words in here that even parents could learn.  I think the author has a great idea here and I believe putting the words in story form will be much more effective than using flashcards to prepare for the SAT.”

-Kimberly Smith


“My opinion -  I also enjoyed the story line of the book that I read.   It was way better than I expected, getting pulled into it from the first chapter.”

   -Kimberly Lacey


“I had my 8th grader give them a try.  He really thought they were awesome and loved the story lines.  He even asked to read extra chapters than I had assigned.”

-Melissa Langley

“I have read 9 chapters so far in my book. I love the book.  The vocabulary words I have not ever heard before like the word besmirch that means discolor. The book does show how to say word and meaning.”

 -Renee Walker

“They are fun, easy reads that do the job: drilling the new vocabulary and SAT words and what better way to learn words than fit them into a context you can relate to.”

-Alina Neuberger

“The part that I love most about these books is the way they add a few new vocabulary words on each page. The word is used in context and bolded to let you know it’s a vocabulary word, then you look at the bottom of the page to find the pronunciation and definition.”

 -Marie Pickrel


“If you're looking for a painless way for your reluctant reader to increase his vocabulary, then VocabCafe might be just the ticket.”

-Celee Spidel


“My father and brother-in-law looked at these books with me as well. My dad was a teacher for 20 years and my brother-in-law is attending college in his “spare” time. They were both impressed by the idea of learning vocabulary though a story instead of just memorizing word lists and definitions.”

 Jill Clark

“The books are quite engaging and entertaining!  I particularly enjoyed Operation High School which follows the adventure of a secret club of teenagers training to become spies.”

-Lori Drake


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