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Questions about the Common Core? Read On!

Don’t Fear the “Changes” to the SAT/ACT/CLT by Jean Burk


The College Board announced some changes that they want to implement in a couple of years. This is going to be based on The Common Core Standards. But fortunately it has not been adopted by all states or most private or homeschoolers and many states are now backing out which means a test like the SAT/ACT/CLT, which is “standardized” must be a test that any student can do well on regardless of what school they go to or what state they live in. I.e. a test that does not include everyone will be called elitist, racist, exclusivist…which means they will probably be sued by people. (Colleges use it to compare students from all walks of life.)


Anytime there is a “change”, people become afraid of the unknown. I would definitely encourage students to start taking the SAT/ACT/CLT now, (no limit on how many times it can be taken)  while it is “familiar” and we have figured it out! We at CPG will keep an eye on the test and if any significant changes occur, we will implement them into our program.

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