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No Money For College?

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College Prep Genius SAT/ACT Boot Camp will give you tools to
ace the test and get your hands on scholarship money.

Did you know?

The median college debt is $100K per student and usually takes around 20 years to pay off.

Most people don’t know how or where to start getting money for college, without considering using their retirement, savings or equity.

Free college is available based on high test scores.

Colleges are ranked nationally based on this standardized scoring system. So, the higher the score-the more money you get!

Being intelligent is not good enough. Even smart kids bomb the SAT.

Most students don't finish the test on time because you only get about 1 minute per question.

Students from 7th grade and above should consider taking this class. Preparing earlier gives your child the ability to figure out their weaknesses, long before there is a lot of pressure to raise their scores to get scholarship money.

College Prep Genius shows you how to answer questions in 30 seconds or less!

Why College Prep Genius?

College Prep Genius teaches relevant strategies and the logical recurring patterns found on the tests. Most programs teach content memorization or just reteach high school.

The average student raises his or her score 250 points. Many have increased their SAT score by 700 points, ACT by 9 points, become National Merit Scholars and gone to Ivy Leagues or FREE!

College Prep Genius can help you with other standardized such as the ACT. Because the SAT and ACT about 95% the same test, and a lot of the ACT writers now work for the College Board (SAT makers), the formatting is almost identical. There is a crossover of information that works on the ACT.

College Prep Genius has helped tens of thousands of students go to the college of their dreams and the money to pay for it!

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About the Boot Camp Class

Generally 2 days (6 hours per day) of in-class learning

Interactive instruction from a certified College Prep Genius instructor.

Together, students and teachers work through questions by reviewing recurring strategies and patterns found on the actual test.

Following the boot camp class, students will receive access to the College Prep Genius eCourse program, where they can continue practicing and reviewing what was learned during class

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