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FREE COLLEGE Can Happen For You!

"I can't afford college"

College Prep Genius helped tens of thousands of students qualify for scholarships- even FULL rides. Remember: Colleges go up in their rankings nationally based on test scores, so the higher the score, the more money you get!



"My college test scores aren't high enough to get into the college of my choice."

College Prep Genius teaches you the patterns used on the SAT,ACT and PSAT so you can score high.


"Most SAT Test Prep courses are expensive, some costing over $1,000"

The award-winning College Prep Genius program is effective and affordable, with solutions starting at $189


Why College Prep Genius?

  • Learn to answer test questions in 30 seconds or less
  • Gain access to college scholarship money because you have a high test score.
  • Determine why the right answers are right, and why the wrong ones are wrong.
  • Feel more confident when taking the test

Voted one of the Top 10 In-Person SAT Programs byTheBestSchools.org!

What are people saying?

SAT score got admittance to Princeton.

Son scored in the 99th percentile, got National Merit Finalist, free tuition and room and board.

Raised test score and earned $100K for college!

How it Works: 
College Prep Genius offers two ways to take advantage
of our award-winning program. 
Choose your best learning environment.

Master the SAT/ACT Bootcamp

Master the SAT/ACT eCourse

12 mom-friendly and self-directed video lessons with detailed  
Homework Guide, Journal for Success, College Prep Genius Textbook eReader*,
and College Prep Genius Workbook PDF Download*

One-Year Subscription- ($59 Renewal Fee that includes 
program additions and upgrades.)

Convenient at-home program
(fits around your schedule)

Convenient at-home program
(fits around your schedule)

Can view unlimited times during
subscription to solidify information.

Records course progress
(for each eCourse membership).

FREE Booster Pack eReaders: Vocabcafé Series* eReader books, High
School Prep Genius eReader* and 15 Secrets to Free College eReader
when students sign up for live class by the early bird date. ($ 117 value)

Free College Prep Genius Workbook (Hard Copy)

Ask specific questions from a College Prep Genius Instructor in an
interactive classroom setting, and receive instant reinforcement and clarification
of answers if needed.

Classroom setting mimics actual test
(surrounded by other students)

Professional, College Prep Genius Certified
and Knowledgeable Instructor

$10 Credit for Each Live Bootcamp Referral
(Can be used for hard copy books, future products…)

Parental Observation: Parents of paid students can sit in the back
if there is room, they are quiet and hold questions until the end.
A great way to help your student.

* Hard copy College Prep Genius textbook, College Prep Genius Workbook, High School Prep Genius Guide Book,
Vocab Cafe Books are available for purchase.

Compare our prices

Fundamental SAT/ACT eCourse

1-Year Membership


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