Class Policies

Class Policies

Please read the following information before you enroll your student in a College Prep Genius class.

Students are responsible for attending class. Please notate class date, time and location on your calendar. Students need to bring sharpened pencils, calculator, snack, drink and a lunch on 2-day class and/or money if the class host is ordering food.

All students should arrive 15 minutes prior to class starting time. Classes will not be delayed by late arriving students.

On 2-day classes, there will be a lunch/dinner break. Students who leave class premises for food must have permission from their parents/guardians.

Students who are disruptive in any way may be removed from class without a refund.

Cell phone use/texting is prohibited during class time. Students who violate this may have their cell phones taken up during class and/or may be removed from the class.

Dress code: Clothing should be modest and not a distraction to other students. Shoes must be worn at all times. Students may be asked to leave without refund for not abiding by dress code restrictions.

Since students will only retain a small percentage of what they hear the first time, we highly suggest for students to go back over the DVD and do the follow-up homework at

Refund Policy

Due to travel expenses and material costs, there will be no refunds for student class cancellation. However, students may be able to transfer their registration to another class or receive the DVD set for home use, which includes all the information from the class. Contact or 817-282-7737 for more information.

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