FREE Downloadable College Prep Tool

A Guide for College-Bound Students Needing

Scholarships and Admittance

 Track what you or your student should be doing, and at when they should be doing it!
  • Two versions with step-by-step instructions.  An Illustrated version and a text version.
  • Actionable steps students should be taking from 4th through 12th grades!
  • Side-by-side test comparison tools (SAT vs. ACT vs CLT)
  • 3-Tier College Planning Guide

Roadmap Highlights

Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide

Designed to model some of our favorite board games,  this fun, interactive guide map to allows students and parents to see exactly what they need to do in each grade.  Use the detailed key for links and further instruction.

Detailed Instructions

Pictures say a thousand words, but sometimes more information is needed.  Our map key is provided for each grade so users are never unsure.

In-depth Text Guide

For more guidance, we provide you with an additional PDF download to help guide you through your test prep journey.