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I ran one of the most successful test prep programs in the US for over 17 years in one of the most elite markets in the country. People paid us upwards of $10,000 for us to help get their kid into the schools of their dreams- we are talking the top schools in the nation, including Ivy League schools. So I know my way around a standardized test.

With few exceptions, I do feel it is very important for a child’s education to incorporate standardized test prep. But here’s what I want you to know… 
  1. There are lots of bad players in the industry who do some shady practices
  2. It doesn’t have to cost exorbitant amounts of money to properly prepare for the SAT/ACT
  3. These are logic tests, they are not testing high school content or IQ, and anyone can learn these strategies
I love the way Jean, founder of College Prep Genius, packs the biggest punch in the shortest amount of time into her program. Other places try to sell programs that go on and on for years with diminishing returns, but there is a better way to help kids boost their test performance that is way more efficient. This is the College Prep Genius approach. And it truly works. 

The great thing is, Jean has programs for kids looking to use test prep to go to college for free, AND has programs for kids applying to the top 5% of schools trying to max out every point they can.

These are my favorite  programs below. If you are considering college for your kids, check them out, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

xoxo, Christy-Faith

Here are my top College Prep Genius Picks!

Master the SAT/ACT Virtual Boot Camp

8-Week or 3-Day Sessions

• The College Prep Genius Class teaches strategies and tips to ace the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and CLT that have helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores hundreds of points.  Program has also helped students prepare for ACT, AP and GRE.

• 12 hours of course instruction divided into a three-day format. This award-winning, and premier prep program introduces a unique approach to standardized test taking for all sections of the test: Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Math and the Essay.

• Bonus College Prep Genius eCourse, 1-year membership (student access opens up following the live course)

• Free USPS Priority shipping on hard copy books when purchased at time of live boot camp purchase.

High School Prep Genius

High School Prep Genius gives parents answers to all the questions they ask about high school (and the questions they should ask)! Everything from transcript preparation to nailing the college interview, HSPG teaches how to turn a student’s high school career into a springboard for lifelong success! This is a guidebook to navigating through high school and beyond. Help your students maximize their opportunities and achieve their highest potential with the award-winning help of High School Prep Genius!

Book Features:

• Monthly Guide for 9-12th Grades
• Middle school information

• Checklist for Parents
• Checklist for Students

• Make a college/career planning notebook

• and much more

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