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Did you know scholarships and grant money aren't based solely on grade point average?

Do you have $80,000 saved up for college? Neither did we when my son and daughter were getting ready to head off for school. As a full-time homeschooling family on a single income, money to put away toward a college fund was simply nonexistent. There was no way we could ever come up with enough money for college (approximately $20,000 per year), even if we took out huge student loans. That’s when we discovered the secret to getting college for free.

Jean Burk

Founder and Creator

The SAT/ACT & PSAT/NMSQT are the keys to getting huge scholarships!

Did you know that most universities offer colossal scholarships based on SAT/ACT scores? You can receive full tuitionfree room & boardstudy abroad moneygraduate school scholarships, and spending cash – ALL based on this simple test. If students score high on the PSAT in their junior year, they qualify for the National Merit competition, which also opens doors to full-ride scholarships and matriculation to the best universities in the country. THE BEST PART? These tests can be figured out!

The SAT/ACT is not an IQ test!

The SAT/ACT doesn’t test how smart your kids are, nor does it examine how much they learn in school. Kids with 4.0 GPAs can bomb this test! Why does this happen? Because the SAT/ACT mainly tests your ability to take the SAT/ACT. It is a standardized exam, which means that even though it is offered SEVEN times a year, each one of these tests has to be created equally. That means that although every test is different, they all MUST have the same types of problems. The test uses the same recurring patterns over and over again! That’s GREAT news, because students only need to learn these patterns!


In order to prepare my children for this all important test, we started to look at the patterns of the test. We looked at the question types, and the tricks and pitfalls that the makers of the test, The College Board, like to use over and over again. My students practiced taking the test strategically by doing multiple full-length tests. THE END RESULT? For my son, we received seven trash bags full of scholarship offers from colleges across the country – ALL based on his PSAT score!!! My daughter received tremendous scholarships (including money to study abroad) based on her SAT score! It was an incredible blessing, and one that I have been able to share with countless students across the United States and abroad.

Raise your SAT score 600 points!

From preparing my son and daughter for the SAT, I was able to compile all the data and strategies into the College Prep Genius curriculum. Now you can learn the secrets that got my children FREE college in this one simple program.

We can help you!

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an SAT/ACT prep course, don’t worry! It is our goal to make all this information as affordable as possible. We know how expensive this whole process can be, so we want to make it easy for you.

College Prep Genius Class

Do you need an SAT/ACT prep class? Check our class schedule (here) and see if there are any classes coming up in your area. If you want to bring a class to your hometown, it’s super EASY. 

College Prep Genius eCourse

If you’re not able to come to one of our incredible live class workshops, you can get the entire program by enrolling in our online eCourse and participate it in the comfort of your own home.

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