The Path to College for Challenge A-4

Webinars Specifically Selected for  SUFS Families

The Path to College:  

Without proper guidance, most families are at a loss on where to begin or what steps they need to take for college entrance as well as scholarships. Ultimately, without clear direction, most students end up with twenty years of college debt.  Learn inside secrets that can only be found ALL in one place. You can save tens to thousands of dollars off the cost of college.

  • Pre College - Prepare Your Pupil
  • Price of College - Precise Particulars
  • Position Your Student - Pivotal Process
  • Package Your Student - Personal Presentation
  • Private Scholarships - Positive Process
  • Picking a College - Procuring Preferences
  • Procedure to College - Purposefully Pointed
  • Paying for College - Pecuniary Preservation
  • Preparing for College Tests - Pattern Proficiency
  • Post College Plans - Progressing Past

Free college can be in your future!




Pre-College - Prepare Your Pupil

Well-rounded, angular, lop-sided or pointed, what are colleges looking for? Students can learn to maximize their opportunities for admittance and scholarship money. Discover the inside scoop on what college admissions counselors want and the secret questions you didn’t know were even being asked of your student. Regardless of your student’s grade, don’t delay. Now is the time to follow crucial steps to prepare your students for college!

Price of College - Precise Particulars

Reality is a lousy investment if you have to spend twenty years paying off college debt and loans. Unless you make over 250K, it is almost financially impossible to save for college if the family saves 10% for 12 years from the first grade. And if it was possible, that’s may cover a single student. Plus, tuition is rising an average of 3-5% annually. But there is hope. Colleges are businesses and there are many strategies that can be applied to cover the cost of college. Even if you haven’t saved anything at all.

Position Your Student - Pivotal Process

It’s not too early for students to focus on college!  Colleges want to see focus and maturity. In a world where many students have a low attention span because of social media and its influence, rather than building a future for themselves. There are important steps that students should take, beginning in middle school. Learn the step-by-step path for college bound students to take from 7th -12th grade.

Package Your Student - Personal Presentation

Do you want your student to stand out?  Applications at an all time high. With lower acceptance rates, students need to learn about prestigious awards less well known. Also, get a sneak preview into two unique ways your students can gain an edge. D4: They can distinguish themselves from other applicants regardless of what school they choose. P6: This helps students bring clarity to their career search. Both are exclusively created by College Prep Genius.

Private Scholarships - Positive Process

Many families have a negative experience when applying for outside scholarships. With a low ROI for their effort many find that their hard work was all for nothing. There are two key terms to understand before you ever fill out any scholarship applications. Learn

  • The contests that are legitimate 
  • The easiest scholarships to win 
  • Where nearly 85% of all the award money can be found 
  • Key words to search for little-known scholarships 
  • The library's key to the 24 billion dollars in available money

No matter how old your child is, you can’t miss out on the money that is available NOW!

Picking a College - Procuring Preferences

Learn where to search for colleges and how to create a balanced list of options. Besides cost, size and location, there are over 100 considerations when comparing colleges. Learn crucial questions to ask that can be the dealbreaker. Plus, we’ll uncover the five places off the beaten path on college visits that must be checked out before making any final decisions.

Procedure to College- Purposefully Pointed

Discover the 5 tools you needed to find the best fit school for your student. Applications, essays, grades and test Scores are the components that connect a student to a college. Learn the other components and inside secrets that can help students stand out amongst other applicants. Especially for top-tier colleges with low acceptance rates.

Paying for College - Pecuniary Preservation

Keep money in your pocket! Don’t spend two decades of your life paying off college loans. Whether you are upper, lower or caught in the "middle"… class, you can learn the blueprint that colleges use to give money to each socioeconomic group. Once you know where you stand, you can make plans to pay for college using the systems that are already in play. Find the secret to amazing scholarships—even full rides!

Preparing for College Tests - Pattern Proficiency

College entrance tests like the SAT and ACT are not going away. Colleges need a fair way to compare all students since a 4.0 at one school is not the same at another. Standardized tests level the playing field for all students. Unfortunately, most students bomb these tests because they are based on logic, not IQ. It takes a different skillset to beat these tests. Because of rankings, the higher the score, the more money a student receives! Learn to answer questions in 30 seconds or less.

Post College Plans - Progressing Past

College graduation is not the end for many students. The next stage could be continuing their education for a master’s degree. Their aspirations may even set on law or med school. Learn relevant steps to not only prepare early but also how to get the cost covered so your student can truly have a debt-free degree.