Free College Can Happen To Your Student.

Ace the SAT, ACT or PSAT and

Earn Incredible Scholarships

A high test score can qualify your student for Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship Program or many scholarship opportunities in other states.  This can mean a full-ride, free tuition, summer school, books, free room and board, honors dorms, grad school money and more.

Master the SAT eCourse

College Prep Genius is an award-winning SAT Test Prep Course that has helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores and go to their dream colleges.  Some students have used College Prep Genius to raise their SAT score by as much as 700 points, and their ACT by as much as 9 points.  College Prep Genius can work for all students...not just the smart ones.  Our proven tips, shortcuts and pattern-spotting techniques show students how to solve problems on the test in 30 seconds or less!  Students have about a minute to answer each question. Time is the number one reason students don't do well on these tests.  They need all the time they can get.

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Here’s What You’ll Get With College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius offers an award-winning, affordable test prep solution for college-bound students, potentially bringing opportunities that can change a student's life for years to come.

Scholarship Opportunities

Remember, 85% of colleges and universities offer entrance and scholarship money based on test scores.  With a higher score, scholarship opportunities are increased.  A high test score can extend financial opportunities as far as graduate school programs.

Confidence. No surprises on test day.

Stress and anxiety are key distractions when taking standardized tests.  But when students are able to properly prepare, their confidence increases.  Knowing what to expect on test day and how to attack it is essential to earning a great SAT and ACT score.

Increased Test Scores

College Prep Genius strategies are proven.  Thousands of students have been able to increase their test scores because our program teaches students how to see the patterns, apply the correct strategies, eliminate wrong answer choices and answer in 30 seconds or less.  Ultimately, that's the recipe for a high SAT or ACT score because every college takes either one.  They are extremely similar and there is a crossover of information that works on both.

Stand out from the crowd.

Our program prepares students in a way that will give them the edge, many times needed, over their peers.  A high test score takes work, but ultimately, with the right preparation, students can stand out from other applicants who did not put in the same work.  (Many either don't know, wait too long or just don't want to do the work.)  Because every school calculates GPAs differently, these scores level the playing field.  

We've helped thousands of students.  

Here's what they have to say.

Can you imagine having your entire collegiate career paid for?  Not just undergrad, but grad school and even law school?  That's what happened to Joshua.  See how he was able to use what he learned during SAT prep to help him on the LSAT.

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What's in the eCourse?

Course Contents

Introduction to the SAT and PSAT (other standardized tests)
Students will discover the importance and purpose of these tests; test structure, time management skills; scoring and answering correctly and 13 Myths about the SAT.

Reading: Long Passage
Students will learn the five types of questions and how to rearrange them in the correct order and skip reading as much as 75% of the passage. They will realize how the questions are purposely misleading and the wrong answer can be appealing so they can quickly eliminate them first.

Passage with Chart/Graph
Students will be taught how to approach a chart or graph inside of a passage. How to discern the information in and around it and what is relevant to the question.

Dual Passages
Students will ascertain that the two passages have a common topic and learn whether they agree or disagree with each other. They will discover the two main traps in the answer choices so they can avoid them.

Math: Multiple Choice Strategies
Students will study how to identify the fast, logical way to answer math questions in 30 seconds or less, without a calculator. They will find out how to eliminate 50-75% of answers based on the order. They will also learn the hidden, recurring patterns that point them to the correct answer.

Math: Student Response Strategies
Students will learn to recognize the patterns in this math sections since there are no answer choices. Also, how to adequately transfer answers to the separate bubble-in sheet.

Writing and Language
Students will acquire knowledge of the three types of writing questions and discover the thirteen recurring grammar and punctuation problems.  Students can master many of these questions in ten seconds once the rules and patterns are learned.

The Essay
The optional essay is not completely omitted. It will be offered on SAT School Days and there are colleges and states that still require the essay.  Students will find out the five reasons to always write the optional essay. They will learn the scoring rubrics and the six ingredients for a high scoring essay. They will follow a proven template to write an analytical response quickly on a topic they didn’t know ahead of time.  Thirty templates included.

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 with eCourse

College Prep Genius aims to set each student up for success.  That's why we give you ALL of the tools needed to help the college-bound student succeed.

1: Annual Membership

Our self-paced eCourse includes  a 1-year membership for the Master the SAT eCourse.  This allows students to revisit the strategies they have learned as often as they like. Students are able to renew for $49 within 30 days of expiration each year. 

All-Access Membership Dashboard so students can quickly navigate the program.

SAT Score Tracker allows students to log their improvement with each practice test.

300+ Interactive Quiz Questions help to keep students engaged and to make sure they are learning the material being taught. Learn more.

Complete Webinar Library Access. Learn More  Learn about scholarship searches, notetaking, transcripts, college funding, FAFSA and more.

Parent Dashboard to enable tracking and progress monitoring for each student. 

2: Books and Study Tools

College Prep Genius gives you all of the tools you'll need to be successful on the SAT.

Student Homework Guide

Journal For Success

Class Notes Outline

3: Additional Tools

College Prep Genius includes added award-winning eReaders.  Hard copies* are available for purchase.

Bonus: Monthly Office Hours

The eCourse is just the beginning of your journey to test prep success.  That's why we now offer active members a chance to attend monthly online office hour sessions with one of our certified instructors.

These sessions are intended to help parents and students through some of the hiccups they may encounter during their test prep.

  • Get help with a problem you're unable to solve.
  • Questions answered about the SAT, ACT, PSAT, CLT and test day.
  • Tips on how to better use the CPG program or overcome prep hurdles.

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additional books and tools

High School Prep Genius- $29.95

High School Prep Genius gives parents answers to all the questions they ask about high school (and the questions they should ask)! Everything from transcript preparation to nailing the college interview, HSPG teaches how to turn a student’s high school career into a springboard for lifelong success! This is a guidebook to navigating through high school and beyond. Help your students maximize their opportunities and achieve their highest potential with the award-winning help of High School Prep Genius!

Vocab Cafe Series - $67.70

Vocabcafé Book Series: Easily improve vocabulary with fun and wholesome narrative stories. Each novella contains 300 SAT level vocabulary words placed in context with the definition at the bottom of the page for reference and reinforcement. (They can be used as a literature credit or creative writing credit by having students take the words that learned at the end of the chapter and write them back into their own sentence, paragraph or story.)

Roadmap to Success - $14.95

Roadmap to Success

A fun map tool that guides you through steps to free college. It’s a blueprint, with ALL the milestones for any student to increase their chances from as young as 9. No matter where you get in on the game.

  • Learn when to put in the effort and how much is needed.
  • Clear graphics with map key explanation3-Tier high school plan.
  • 3-Tier high school plan.
  • Direction on how to get free college from the 4th grade through the 12th grade.
  • Resources and links to help along the way.
  • SAT/ACT/CLT comparison chart.

Master the SAT eCourse Renewal -$49

Existing Master the SAT eCourse members can renew annually at a discounted cost.  Course renewal submission orders must be submitted no later than 30 days from your course expiration.

Our Founder, Jean Burk

For speaking engagements, contact [email protected].  Review Jean Burk's speaker packet, here.

SAT Instructor, Jean Burk, is a homeschooling mother and creator of the revolutionary College Prep Genius curriculum which has helped thousands of high school students prepare for the SAT & PSAT/NMSQT. Her expertise has been featured on FOX as a news contributor, CBS, NBC, TXA21, and The Homeschool Channel. She also serves as a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, educational resources, and online publications. Jean currently travels across the United States and abroad teaching students how to improve their standardized test scores and speaking to parents about how to get college for FREE!

As a single income family, Jean Burk and her husband did not have the financial resources to send their children to college. When Jean discovered the SAT & PSAT were the keys to getting huge scholarships, she began to research the test to understand how to prepare her children for it. She discovered that these tests could be taught! They weren’t IQ tests, but rather critical thinking exams. After both her children received full scholarships, Jean began teaching these secrets to other homeschooling, public school, and private school students alike. Her program College Prep Genius is the culmination of more than a decade of research, classroom experience and SAT expertise and extends worldwide.