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May 8-12, 2023

Spring Conference 2023 | Parent Prep University

Debt-Free Degree

ONE-OF-A-KIND conference.  The only place you can get this type of information for FREE!


In our fourth annual Parent Prep University conference series, we are only getting better.  Ten FREE Webinars that will prepare you and your college-bound students for a debt-free future.  You do not want to miss it!

Deliberate Discussion: The Money Talk

Monday May 8th @ 11AM CST

First things first. The sooner you start working out the financial logistics for paying for college—the better. Accessing college affordability requires honest communication with you and your student. It’s a hard but crucial conversation, and the first step to achieving a debt-free degree 2023. We give you the tools and timeline to help you start this discussion so your family can begin putting all its financial ducks in a row. 

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Dollar Damage: Defining the Real Cost of College

Monday May 8th @ 6PM CST

Higher education costs—A LOT! It costs time, energy and most importantly money. Financial hardship is one of the top reasons for the massive college drop-out rate. With tuition rising 3-5% per year, it can be difficult to access the true price tag of a degree. But there is hope. Learn various strategies that can be applied to help you define what you are paying for and how to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs. You don’t have to suffer from sticker-price shock!

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Dream Direction: Discovering the Best Fit

Tuesday May 9th @ 11AM CST

The ultimate dream college is the one that is debt free degree 2023. You don’t have to let the financial strain of getting an education turn your ideal school into a monetary nightmare. Knowing what to look for in assessing affordability and attractiveness can make a perfect match a reality. School compatibility is based on more than just cost, size, and location; and there’s more than 100 features to consider. Learn how to easily compare school choices with our 30-day challenge.

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Deceptive Debt: Don't Pay the Traditional Way

Tuesday May 9th @ 6PM CST

No college is worth spending 20 years to pay off. Owing large amounts of education debt can cripple your financial future and delay other major life milestones such as buying a house or starting a family. No wonder, many students give up the dream of a degree because of the perceived hardships it would take to attain. Learn how to use the FAFSA to your advantage and to avoid the one type of loan that misleads most people into a lifelong burden.

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Debit Decrease: Developing Tools for College Affordability

Wednesday May 10th @ 11AM CST

Most families are not able to pay full freight for college and most schools purposely low-ball their financial aid package. Therefore, the important part of the college attainability equation is the shortfall between the price and any aid or awards that you receive. Learn how to increase the funds needed to bridge the gap with our proven AAA strategy.

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Defeating Decision Fatigue: Digital or paper, acing standardized tests

Wednesday May 10th @ 6PM CST

Most students are not taught the skill set needed to beat college entrance tests like the SAT, ACT and CLT. The questions are purposely misleading, and the wrong answers can be appealing. Luckily these tests can be conquered by any student regardless of his or her educational background or economic standing. While these tests are important for admissions, they are crucial for scholarship opportunities. Learn the built-in hidden patterns that quickly point you to the correct answer and how to turn your scores into automatic scholarships.

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Distinguished Donor: Distinctive Scholarships to Win

Thursday May 11th @ 11AM CST

Many students waste countless hours applying for the wrong private scholarships. Searching for scholarships is a worthwhile pursuit because they are a vital part of obtaining higher education without encumbering huge debt. Learn about the billions of scholarship dollars available annually and which ones are the easiest to be awarded. HINT: 85% of the money is found in one place.

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Design Disinformation: Divulging the Truth About PSAT Importance

Thursday May 11th @ 6PM CST

Have you heard it said that the PSAT is a practice SAT? This is incorrect information and can cost students tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This test is actually used for a scholarship contest. Students who ignore it or don’t take it seriously can be missing out on writing their own ticket to a full-ride and other perks such as: study-abroad stipends, honors dorms, grad school money and more.  Discover the 4 little-known secrets about the PSAT and 11 steps to test success. Getting a high PSAT score can have colleges begging you to enroll and them paying your way.

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Demographic Divide—Determining Geographical Tuition Impact

Friday May 12th @ 11AM CST

Out-of-state tuition is almost always higher than in-state costs of school; and, in some cases, the cost may be double. However, there are programs that encourage non-residents to enroll and receive a price that can often be lower than in-state tuition. Discover how students can cross the country and nab a great merit award because they broaden the scope of the school. But students don’t always have to go far from home to get significant financial aid; there are several other specific state programs that can offer scholarships up to a full ride.

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Definite Decision—Dodging Common Financial Pitfalls

Friday May 12th @ 6PM CST

The college process today is not what it was when you graduated high school. Although a college education is still a worthwhile endeavor, the crushing amount of debt that can be incurred is not. Planning for college can be a daunting task and many expert services are financially out of reach, leading most people stuck trying to navigate it on their own. Learn strategies and some little-known tips that will help you avoid universal financial mistakes associated with the college pursuit.

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