“High School Prep Genius” SAT Prep Review

“I attended Jean Burk’s seminar at our recent Homeschool Convention, and loved it.  I found myself thinking over the last few months about things she said.  When I heard she was coming here to do an actual SAT seminar, I jumped at the chance.  If only I had been given the key to success when I was taking my college entrance exams twenty years ago. Effectively, Jean Burk did a fantastic job at uncovering the secrets to the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.”

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“I personally feel that the information contained in this book would benefit every junior high and senior high student, whether they are homeschooled or not! It gives an anchor, a frame of reference, for them to start planning and preparing for their future. There are specific chapters for students in grades 9-12, and there is a pre-high school planning section for those in grades 7-8. Every parent of a teenager should read this book!… This book is one of the most comprehensive reference resources I have ever seen for high school students! If you have teenagers, you will find it truly helpful. If you are homeschooling teenagers, I would say it is an absolute necessity!”

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“I had intended to read through the entire book before handing it over to Chelsea to read.  But, the day it arrived after I had only had a chance to flip through it briefly, Chelsea discovered it and disappeared with the book!  She is a person who loves to read, and is facing the reality that she will be graduating next year and knows she needs to be as prepared for college as she can be, but really hasn’t been very motivated to start getting ready.  Reading High School Prep Genius really lit a fire under her!  She has read through the whole book.  She made a college/career notebook, bought a planner, began researching and applying for scholarships, and has been more serious about looking at colleges.  She has decided on a major she would like to pursue in college.  She has been doubling checking my work that I have done on her transcripts.  High School Prep Genius has had a big effect on her!”

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“I love this book! I wish I could buy all of my friends a copy!”

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“Have you ever owned a book in which you found yourself constantly marking with a highlighter because it contained such an abundant amount of valuable information? That’s what I found myself doing with College Prep Genius’ book, High School Prep Genius.”

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“My first response was a bit of panic as to reading and tackling so much information. Once I began reading, however, I literally could not put the book down. I was so thrilled to discover how easy it was to make my way through all the helpful information found in each chapter. And, I am beyond thrilled to know that I have this resource at my fingertips in time to face the last year of middle school and properly prepare my children for high school. I feel like this book arrived at my doorstep just in time.”

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“The book has been a weight off of my shoulders. Working through it with your child will have you well-armed and ready to tackle the high school to college path.”

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“I am very pleased with this book and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I know! It is worth it’s price in gold for all the valuable information contained inside it.”

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“This is a guidebook to navigating through high school and beyond. Help your students maximize their opportunities and achieve their highest potential with the help of High School Prep Genius!”

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“(I don’t usually try to talk folks into buying a particular resource in my reviews, but in this case, I really do think this book is worth buying. So please forgive me for being pushy!)”

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“First, I do not recommend waiting until your children are about to enter 9th grade.  I would consider purchasing this book when my children were starting school.  Yes, much of the practical aspects of the guide, such as transcripts and college applications, won’t apply to such young students, but the first section: Part 1: Foundation for Personal Success would be very helpful to parents.”

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“Ms. Burk discusses personal development, developing your interests, figuring out what your beliefs are, gaining financial independence, and building a strong support system.  These ideas are good for anybody, and she presents them in a very professional and caring way.”

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“I would *highly* recommend not waiting until you have a high school junior on your hands to pick up this book – it’s a tool best taken in small quantities, so it can be used most effectively – and planning ahead beats last minute, any time. Yes, you can wing it – many have done so, and will continue to – but having a title like High School Prep Genius in your toolbox will keep you ahead of the pack.”

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“With my kids in all stages of beginning adulthood, planning for both high school and college success is at the forefront of my mind.  I also teach ACT /College Prep classes at a local co-op; and, I am always looking for materials for my students. High School Prep Genius is one of the materials that I will be using with both my own kids and my co-op students for many years to come.”

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“I really like the timelines and charts, the practical advice both for student and parent. Even if I skip the third chapter, High School Prep Genius is a useful tool for junior high, high school, and beyond.”

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“If you are needing a high school roadmap, Jean & Judah Burk have thought of everything you’ll need, and put it all together in a VERY useful, practical and easy-to-use book. Every high school student – and parent of one, should have a copy of this book!”

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“Today is the day to begin!  24 billion dollars are awarded in college scholarships, and with a little planning and prep work there’s no reason your child or mine can’t be a recipient of some of these funds.  You can purchase High School Prep Genius, An Academic Guide to Excellence for $29.95, and I think it’s a worthwhile investment.”

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“This book is very well organized and though out.”

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“It’s not just a simple “how to” book, but rather a comprehensive guide to various aspects of your student’s life inside, outside, and beyond, high school. Areas like: subjects to take, likes and dislikes, healthy eating, timelines, friends & relationships, investments, lifestyle skills, attitudes (emotional and mental), career choices, surveying colleges, and much more.”

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“I was amazed with the wealth of information in this book! Starting as early as 7th or 8th grade, you can use this book to begin looking for scholarships and planning out the stepping stones of high school. I find that if you start at the beginning of freshman year you will be a step ahead. I know my 8th grader rather play video games than think of college, but as we move into his freshman year, we will start adding in ideas from the book as we go.”

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“If you are looking for a step-by-step guide through the high school years, look no further.  High School Prep Genius is exactly what you need to make it through high school and into college with easy guidance.  The skills learned while you maneuver your way through high school will come in handy throughout college — and throughout life.”

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“I found it a little intimidating at first but also a wealth of information for anyone with a middle school – high school age student.”

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“Many “prep” books only focus on coursework needed or avenues for financial scholarships.  While this is all important and included in this text, the authors go further and realize that lessons of life and decision making need to made as a teenager transitions into adulthood.  Their value systems need to be well-established and secure and they need to have attainable goals and a plan on how to achieve them.”

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“If you have children in elementary or junior high, I would encourage you to purchase the book now and read through it…I am pleased with the quality of information and would recommend this book to my homeschooling friends and family.”

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“Preparing your homeschooler for high school can be a bit daunting.  (Take it from me…I’m feeling daunted!) Homeschool moms (and dads) are no longer just “teachers,” but are “guidance counselors” as well!  This is scarier to me than being my son’s teacher.  High School Prep Genius will remain on our shelf for the next 6 years…until both of my boys are away at college.  I will think of it as my “guidance counselor.”  She will need to be consulted often, no doubt.”

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“High School Prep Genius is a steal, in my opinion, at $29.95! As homeschoolers, we don’t have a guidance counselor waiting to help our students at school, so we need to be educated and prepared to help them ourselves. This book is so easy to read and understand that I think all home school families should have it on their shelf (and you know I don’t say that about everything!!)”

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“I can definitely recommend this one. As a parent, I felt that I knew more about what to prepare for in the high school years. Charts and checklists are right up my alley, and my firstborn child is the same way. The book was a great way for her to begin to realize what to expect in the coming high school years and to begin preparing and thinking ahead.”

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“High School Prep Genius is your high school counselor.  In this book, Jean Burk tells you what you need to begin doing now – even if your child is only in 6th grade – to prepare for college…High School Prep Genius fills a huge need in the homeschool community. With the exception of a few pages dealing exclusively with homeschooling issues, though, everything in this book is equally applicable to public-schoolers. In fact, I have already loaned my copy to a public school friend (and gotten it back, I should mention. This book has a permanent place on my book shelf.).”

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“There’s just a wealth of information and resources within it, and I’m really looking forward to continuing to work through the chapters with Hayden.  I think it will be an invaluable guide and reference for us over the next few years.  It’s so much more than a planning guide, and I’d have never guessed all that it covers by the title!  I would definitely recommend it for any parent with teens!”

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“Navigating the high school years the first time is daunting.  I went to presentations at our local homeschool conventions, talked with other homeschool moms who were in the thick of it, and read many books during my son’s eighth grade year.  I scoured the web for resources, and searched for practical transcript templates.  Looking back on the work I had done to enter high school confidently, I can tell you that High School Prep Genius would have been an invaluable help to me.”


“My 9th grader and I both read the book and took notes. ..Though taught, highlighting the “big four” that we recently heard was what all the nearby colleges want to see on transcripts is not our main goal. I especially appreciated the sections like “Going Beyond the Basics” which discussed tailoring education to your student.”

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“My opinion is this is a must have for any family that is beginning High School or beyond, or even Middle School to help them navigate the sea of information that is needed to weed through to get to College and for their kids to feel comfortable heading off to college and beyond in their Adult Life. I am glad my boys take this seriously and I wish growing up I would have had this valuable tool to help me navigate college and life beyond, I may have fared better than I did.”

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“My first reaction is its a great book with loads of helpful information.”

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“I am very impressed with this book. I think it is an excellent guide for any student who wants to take high school work seriously and reach his or her potential, especially for those who plan to attend college.”

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“All in all I would recommend the High School Prep Genius to other families that are trying to get their arms around some of these concerns about not missing things that should be done during our child’s high school years. At a cost of $29.95, it is reasonably priced. We are keeping our copy handy for future reference as we continue to journey through our high school years.”

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“High School Prep Genius is the best resource I’ve seen in terms of organizing all the necessary information about college entrance exams, scholarships, admissions, etc. The helpful information about academic and life skills is a valuable bonus that makes this guide book a well-rounded addition to every bookshelf.”

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“This is the best hand holding, step by step,  here’s what you need to do book!  I skimmed over it when I got it in the mail, I have since read it cover to cover.” read more

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“Having this book as a guide can save you SO many hours of research, and give you a solid path to follow as you navigate High School and beyond with your student. Even if you have a “transcripts” program or book, I think you’ll want this one as well. The personal and academic development sections help your student understand how to grow from being a child to being an adult. When you work on this together, you help your adolescent grow, and you help yourself learn how to gently let go.” read more

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“My son is eager to take an active role in his education, as he does have some specific goals, so we both read the book and then discussed it. Typically, we would each read a chapter a week, then we would sit down and talk about his answers to the questions posed, and how we could use this information to help us develop his high school program. I really enjoy working with my son this way. This is how I always wanted high school to be with him, but I just wasn’t sure how to articulate it. With High School Prep Genius, it has all been put on paper for me and all I have to do is read the book along with him!” read more

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“We both think this is a valuable resource for the college bound high schooler. It’s wonderful for helping both the student and the parents figure out what steps to take to get there as well as how to prepare the student emotionally, mentally, etc. At first, I thought some of the information about what students face in high school wouldn’t apply, but then our family has been touched by some of these issues. Life does intrude in ugly ways sometimes, and things like this can help us remember to address them.”

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“The High School Prep Genius contains even more information than I have shared.  I hope you have realized how this resource guide will provide you with a wealth of information and is a necessity for your homeschool library.”

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“There are a few things in the life of a homeschooler that are worth their weight in gold; College Prep Genius is one of them. (The items I received free of charge for review purposes weigh about 16 oz and gold is currently valued at $1782/troy ounce – College Prep Genius is worth $28,512..”.)

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“College Prep Genius DVD set has quickly become an invaluable program to us. My daughter has already learned tips & tricks that I know will help her on her SAT. The critical thinking and time management skills will, undoubtedly, stay with her throughout her life, too. I know that you will appreciate this program as much as we have.”

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“Can I tell you that this is my favorite academic curriculum we’ve used and reviewed this school year?”



“The author, Jean Burk, who thought of this awesome program is a total GENIUS!!!”

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“We LOVED this! It was a VERY independent program to use, loaded with great tips and suggestions for preparing to take the PSAT or SAT test, giving not just great strategies for HOW to take the test, but it also a pretty extensive list of sites to look at for applying for scholarships, a chart of 300 math terms needed to take the test (as well as space for writing an example, checklists, vocabulary help, forms for taking practice tests and more…A fabulous resource, that is EXTREMELY HELPFUL, put together by a homeschool mom…I highly recommend College Prep Genius! I will be interested in seeing how my techy guy’s scores improve throughout the course of this program!”

As of late, my daughter has been trying to dodge her regular school work in order to work onCollege Prep Genius! She keeps telling me, “I can’t wait to take the SAT!” The funny thing? She’s only ten!



Can I just tell you how much I, the MOM, needed a program like this?  Never mind how much my Junior and Senior in High School need it… I really needed it!



This is a VERY INSTRUCTIVE curriculum!  It is easy to understand and the hints and tips have been extremely helpful.  I am thoroughly enjoying this class. You can apply the methods taught to just about any test.  It teaches you to think objectively and organize your thoughts to solve problems efficiently.

This Day Has Great Potential, Homeschool Blogger



I am VERY impressed with this curriculum, it’s very user friendly.  My son took it and devoured it!  He loved learning the “secrets” to the SAT…did you know it’s a logic test, not a test of what you know?  I loved that it is an independent study by design.



This is a student-friendly course, each lesson can be paced to the student; viewed repetitively or not.  The author, Jean Burk, is an outstanding instructor.  Her enthusiasm for SAT Prep Success is irresistible!

Knee Deep in Grace –



This program is really packed with helpful information.  I really do mean packed.  I am glad that we are looking at it  before we actually need to use it.  I really think it will help us prepare in a non-stressful way, to do well on the PSAT and SAT, because we will be able to do everything in small, bite-sized pieces instead of trying to cram it in during D-man’s junior year of high school.



Wowzers! College Prep Genius is an awesome tool to help with SAT/PSAT tests. My oldest daughter, Marie is just beginning her high school journey and this book is proving invaluable in preparing her.



After the first lesson my son had taken an online SAT and set up a college prep binder, made sure he was signed up for college board emails…and maybe more he didn’t tell me.  Something clicked for him.

This course is a fantastic deal, and any student looking towards college should at least consider it.  I would have done far better on the SAT had this material been available to me.  At the very least, I would have felt more confident and comfortable with the process.  That alone would have been worth something.



Along with thorough explanations of how the PSAT and SAT work including all three test sections, this set has hundreds of tips and shortcuts.  You’ll learn about college interview and scholarship information too!… Alyssa has been soaking up the information in College Prep Genius like a sponge, and she likes the way the lessons are taught.  We don’t have her PSAT score back yet, but my guess is that she will do much better on the SATs after using this program.  She plans to spend several months going over the information repeatedly to get the best score possible.  As a Mom, I am thrilled with College Prep Genius!



I can’t say enough good things about teaching test taking strategies!  This is especially important when taking tests like the SAT because they are developed with intentional critical thinking tricks that trip up most students.  When your student understands how to breakdown these tricks and identify the real requirements of a given problem, he/she will be much more successful…I’m excited to have this program!  I have two more boys to get into college, and we will certainly use this process to help them be successful on their tests.

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