Your Personal High School

Guidance Counselor, available

any time.

Never be at a loss for what to do and when.  Detailed parent guides

and student timelines to put students on the right path for college success

and scholarships from the 4th grade!

Parental Guide from 4th to 12th Grades

Month-by-Month Timelines per grade

Student Personal Development

Transcripts, Templates and More

What's in the book?

  • Monthly Guide for 9-12th
  • GradesMiddle school information
  • Checklist for Parents
  • Checklist for Students
  • Make a college/career planning notebook
  • College Search and Admissions Counselor Info
  • Scholarship InformationImportant
  • Study Tips
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Tips from Guidance Counselors
  • Picking a High School Degree Plan
  • Identifying Interests and Personal Motivation
  • Internships
  • Summer before College
  • Little known secrets of the highly competitive
  • How to set Long and Short Term goal
  • Transcript Information
  • All about Volunteering/Extra-curricular Activities and Awards

What are people saying?

...much in High School Prep Genius that is valuable and not readily known. Homeschool parents and their children are sometimes handicapped by their lack of familiarity with things that guidance counselors know, especially in regard to test-taking scheduling and strategic use of those tests. Parents with students in traditional schools should find the information valuable so they are not dependent upon a guidance counselor who might not be able to closely track the needs of each student.


Homeschool Curriculum Review Expert