Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Do you need advice on finding awesome scholarships or preparing for college? Author Jean Burk travels across the United States sharing her expertise with a variety of audiences. Whether your conference needs a keynote speaker or your luncheon requires an expert opinion, we can customize an affordable package perfect for your specific needs.

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If Jean is unavailable for your event, College Prep Genius can find the right speaker for you! Our staff has experience in venues of all types including book fairs, conventions, school groups, college nights, libraries and book stores. The CPG seminar program and innovative speaking series have helped thousands of people overcome myths and misconceptions about getting into and paying for college. Some of our references include:


  • F.P.E.A. (FL)
  • THSC (The Woodlands, TX)
  • Hearth and Home Book Fair (Arlington, TX)
  • Midwest Homeschool Convention (Cincinnati, OH)
  • CHEA. (Pasadena, CA)
  • CHOH (Honolulu, HI)
  • GHC NE (CT)
  • GHC (Ontario, CA)
  • OCEAN (0R)
  • NCHE (NC)
  • HOME (ME)
  • CAPE (NM)
  • OCHEC (OK)
  • AFHE (AZ)
  • FEAST (TX)
  • WHO (WA)
  • NBHE (LA)
  • CHEC (SC
  • NTHEN (TX)
  • LEAH (NY)
  • HINTS (NC)
  • IDEA (AK)
  • NCHEA (NE)
  • HER (TX)
  • SE (GA)
  • VHE (CA)
  • ENOCH (NJ)
  • HERI (FL)
  • GHEA (GA)
  • CHEA (CA)
  • N.E.T.C.A.H.E. (North Richland Hills, TX)
  • Southeast Homeschool Convention (Greenville, SC)
  • Hurst Public Library (Hurst, TX)
  • N.T.H.E.N. Homeschool Bookfair (Plano, TX)
  • Allen High School (Allen, TX)
  • Mid-South Homeschool Convention (Memphis, TN)
  • H.E.R.O. (San Antonio, TX)
  • Texas Homeschool College Night (Grapevine, TX)
  • Eta Sigma Alpha Homeschool Honor Society (Richardson, TX)
  • Azle High School (Azle, TX)
  • Southwest Florida Convention (Davie, FL)
  • H.O.P.E. (Coconut Creek, FL)
  • Faith Christian Academy (McKinney, TX)
  • Fort Worth ISD (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Chisolm Trail Academy (Keene, TX)
  • North Dallas Adventist Academy (Plano, TX)
  • NAUMS (Ft. Worth, TX)
  • AKSCA (Anchorage, AK)
  • Optimist Club (Arlington, TX)

Reference contact information is available upon request.

Jean’s expertise has been highlighted on Good Day Dallas (FOX), NBC Today (KXAS),TXA21, Primetime News (CBS), WE, Forbes, ION, UShopTV and The Homeschool Channel, The Star-Telegram, Azle News, The Signal, The Cleburne Times Review, and The McKinney Gazette. She serves as a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, educational resources, and online publications. (Click here to view our media page!)

One Hour Speech Topics:


(Learn different ways to get scholarships as well as FREE college!)

Are you ready to make $500 an hour? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this
much in scholarships for college. Author, Jean Burk, will teach you two important concepts: how to get
into the college of your choice and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. You will learn methods of
receiving substantial scholarships that go beyond tuition and may include room and board, graduate
school, and money to study abroad! Unlock the keys to finding free college at your fingertips!

HOW TO ACE THE SAT (one hour for parents/teens)

(Discover how this is a learnable test and every question can be answered in 30 seconds or less.)

Test-prep Guru, Jean Burk, will share her secrets of SAT success that have helped hundreds of
students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts in test
patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, Writing, and Verbal sections are all covered
in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you have kids in high school, you can’t miss this seminar
about preparing them for the SAT!


(Don’t fear the high school years but learn little-known information that can give your student an edge.)

There is only ONE secret ingredient to giving credibility to a homeschool transcript. If you don’t know
it, author Jean Burk will share the answer in this incredible lecture. Discover the insider criteria that
Harvard uses to judge applicants and why summer break needs to be more than just a vacation. Learn
the differences between AP, Dual Enrollment, and CLEP courses and the pros and cons of adding them
to your schedule. Find out about the 3-Tier credit plan, so you can correctly build a portfolio that will
impress any admissions counselor. If your kids are planning to go to college, you cannot afford to miss
this engagement.


(Parents and teens will learn about amazing scholarships from this misunderstood test.)

Imagine throwing away seven trash bags full of college offers! It happened to my family and it could happen to yours. How? The PSAT. Contrary to popular belief, “P” does not stand for practice. In reality the PSAT is a scholarship qualifying test, and it can write you a ticket to just about any college. Discover the 3 little-known secrets about the PSAT and 11 steps to success! Learn how to get colleges begging you to
enroll and pick up the tab at the same time.

KNOWLEDGE TO COLLEGE –Your Keys to Go From A-Z (one hour for parents and students)

(Finding the perfect college goes beyond cost, location and size.)

Did you know there are over 50 things to consider when choosing a college? Discover everything
from searching for the perfect college to going to an Ivy-League school for FREE! Learn the one
thing that can set your student apart for college acceptance and scholarships. The right information
can make the difference between your student going to a safety school or to his or her dream college!

LIMITED LANGUAGE – LIMITED MIND (one hour for parents/students)

(Learn life-long skills to sound smart when speaking and writing.)

The English language is dying! We are losing our vocabulary skills at an alarming rate, and with it,
our ability to communicate effectively. The loss of lexicon creates an oversimplification of critical
thought because the nuances of words allow us to bring colors and shading to thoughts and
emotions. “Limited Language, Limited Mind” will teach both parents and students alike the 3 keys to
learning, understanding and remembering words that increase effectiveness! Learn how to amass an
arsenal of fifty-cent words to articulate efficiently and accurately. Speak with eloquence, read with
perspicacity, and write with erudition—all bymastering an advanced vocabulary!

GOING TO COLLEGE-IT’S ELEMENTARY! (one hour for parents of younger students)

(A Cradle to Cap n Gown approach to FREE College!)

Grade school is not too early to gain an edge for the future without the pressure that often accompanies
students later in school. Learn to teach younger students age-appropriate goal setting while identifying their passions and directing their future. Parents will be given a roadmap for success to create future leaders, find scholarships now and teach successful life skills. Discover a fun assignment that contains the five key things that children need every day for a strong foundation of health and well-being all throughout their educational journey.

TEENS, TECHNOLOGY AND THE TRUTH! (one hour for parents)

(From dumbing down to danger to destruction, learn how and why today’s devices are destroying the hearts and minds of our children.)

If your kids are awake, they are probably online. Now more than ever, parents need to be vigilant
and protective of a new generation of technology that is seeking to sabotage our children and stifle
their creativity. Learn secrets of the dangers that lurk in today’s devices that will lure your children
away from truth and into bondage. How parents/schools can be proactive in the battle for the hearts
and minds of the next generation.

HYPERGRAPHIA GENIUS, GOOD NOTES-GOOD GRADES! (one hour for parents and students)

(In a world of ever- changing technology, students must not lose the art of effective note taking to carry them throughout life.)

If you are not note-taking you are not learning! How to trust the weakest pen over your strongest memory
for high school and beyond. Perfect the art of writing to remember with proven techniques. Discover
mind-mapping, code-words and pop-culture referencing. Easily organize class notes to best retain valuable information for greater academic success!


(If you have a college bound middle or high school student, you don’t want to miss this valuable information exchange and clarification!)

Did you know colleges all over America are actively recruiting home school students? Over the past ten
years, CPG has helped tens of thousands of college bound homeschooled students go to colleges to
make the admission process easier for home school students. Admissions officers constantly tell us, “I’ll
take all the home school students I can get” and “Home school students do very well at our school.”
What does it take to get a home school student into college? Accreditation, once a foreign term in home
schooling circles, is now commonplace in everyone’s vocabulary. Don’t be swayed by the myths, fears and
half-truths surrounding the accreditation issue. Learn for yourself the truth about accreditation and
whether it’s right for your student.

(Middle and high school families will walk away amazed at how valuable early college
can be!)

Through early college, your teen can earn high school and college credit at the same time and save you
thousands of dollars in college tuition! During this essential workshop, Jean will lay out early college
options along with a full-ride to a four-year university while helping parents and teens understand
the differences. Jean will share a dozen reasons to consider early college, how you can position your
teen for early college, what the requirements for early college are and how to choose your first college
classes. Dual enrollment paired with AP and CLEP opportunities, allows your teen to earn early college
credits and take challenging courses he or she will enjoy! You’ll be glad you came to this money saving
information exchange!

A SNEAK PEEK AT THE NEW SAT (one hour for parents and students)

(Middle and early high school students will be directly impacted by the Redesigned SAT
and should get a handle on the new test as early as possible!)

In April 2014 the College Board announced sweeping changes to the PSAT and SAT, two major tests
colleges use for admission and scholarships. Who is affected by these changes? When do they go into
effect? How can I prepare? Buzz words like “Heart of Algebra” and “Command of Evidence” are seen
throughout the new SAT, but what do they really mean? These are just a few of the many questions
answered during this guided tour of the New SAT which includes sample questions, practice suggestions
and curriculum choices to help you navigate the changing world of test preparation.

HIGH SCHOOL 101 (one hour for parents)

(Anyone considering home schooling high school)

Many parents are intimidated at the thought of home schooling a teenager through high school. The idea
of teaching Physics, Chemistry and Calculus elicit fear and trembling from most parents. . . throw in
grading essays and creating transcripts and you’ve got a complete recipe for a true mental breakdown!
Home school high school veteran Jean Burk’s two homeschooled students received full-rides to
college, grad school and law school. She joyfully testifies that the high school years have been the
most rewarding! She’ll share her successes and failures and everything else you need to know to home
school through high school. At this workshop she’ll answer these questions and many more:

  • Why home school high school?
  • Statistically, how do home school graduates perform as adults?
  • What’s the difference between credits, grades and transcripts??
  • What every high school student needs to know beyond academics (life skills, spiritual skills, social skills).
  • How can middle school students acquire high school credit?
  • How in the world do I teach chemistry, algebra and calculus?
  • What’s the difference between CLEP, AP and Dual Enrollment?
  • Can my home schooled student really get into college?
  • What scholarships are available to home school students?
  • Do I need an accredited transcript?

If you have a middle or high school student and you’re considering home education through high
school, you should definitely attend High School 101! You’ll walk away knowing you CAN do it!

CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ON A SHOESTRING! (one hour for parents and students)

(Families considering Christian college education)

If your family is anything like most home school families, you’ve been educating your children at
home and supporting the family on the salary of a single wage earner. For 12 years you have given
your children a Godly heritage and strong Biblical foundation; a foundation you pray will continue
through their college and adult years. With price tags between $80,000 and $120,000 for a four
year education, most families believe Christian college is way beyond their financial means. In
this workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to Christian College affordability including early college
options, grants, scholarships and home school friendly colleges. This workshop will focus on
four specific institutions and how tuition can be reduced dramatically with a bit of advance planning.
If you have a middle or high school student; start planning NOW; you’ll be glad you did!!

THE 10 MOST IMPORTANT SOFT SKILLS TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN (one hour for parents and students)
(Soft skills are the missing ingredient today for success in college and career; equip your teens NOW!)

Employment experts agree that technical skills get your foot in the door, but it’s the soft skills that get
you the job — and help you keep it. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your
emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills crucial for
career success. During this workshop we’ll explore the soft skills employers covet today and uncover
simple ways you can instill these skills in your teen before he/she leaves the nest.

Download a complete list of speech topics


CHART YOUR COURSE TO HIGH SCHOOL SUCCESS (four-hour paid seminar for parents)

Are you or your friends fearing the high school years? Don’t worry, veteran homeschooling mom,
Jean Burk has got it covered for you. She is a highly sought after featured convention speaker and her
expertise has been featured on national and local television shows as an expert on how to get FREE
college! The “Chart Your Course for High School Success” is a four hour seminar that that will give you guidance and confidence when tackling the high school years. Here’s a list of just some of the information you will learn for your teenager as you set goals with the end in mind:

Foundations for Success in Four Areas: Personal, Academic, Future, Testing

  • Raise independent and responsible kids that will be your friend as an adult
  • Create a High School Portfolio that Harvard would covet
  • Make a 4 year academic plan/4year summer plan
  • Discover secrets to building an amazing transcript
  • Know the key to what colleges want in 9th grade
  • AP, Dual Credit, CLEP –Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Little-known academic awards
  • Exciting Elementary/Middle-school scholarship opportunities
  • Truth about the one thing that adds credibility to the transcript
  • Revealed scholarship secrets
  • Life after high school paths
  • Solution to find the perfect college
  • How to ace standardized tests- like the SAT
  • Proven strategies to get FREE College
  • Bonus-Free grad, law and med school information
  • Much more…

Click here for more information about the Chart Your Course seminar

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