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Mid-West- Cincinnati, Ohio (Great Homeschool Convention)

"Wonderful- never heard even 1/3 of this info before."

- Judy


"Fun, informative, extremely helpful. An excellent speaker!"

- Abigail


"Very informative! Glad I'm learning this now with a 7th grader."

- Michael


"Wonderful. Packed full of information."

- Holly


"Great! I had two friends who used your material and loved it and I am so glad I was able to attend your seminar."

- Rheresa


"Excellent! An answer to a prayer! Thank you!"

- Kristi


"Great, fun, fast, packed with info."

- Jane


"Very good- a lot of information to cover!"

- Robin


"Great materials!"

- Marci


"Very good, I was very impressed."

- Sherrie


"Enjoyed it VERY much! Great info."

- Julie


"Very well spoken. I was informed with great info!"

- Alan

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