Imagine knowing immediately what your student’s test score is and how much college money they could receive. Did you know that 85% of college admit and give scholarships solely based on a test score?   The higher the score-the more money you get!

College Prep Genius will be proctoring a mock CLT (Classic Learning Test) which is the new alternative to the SAT and ACT.   The CLT has been designed to reflect the western traditions that most students study in school.  It is accepted at about eighty colleges and is rapidly growing. Students will receive an SAT/ACT comparison chart along with their CLT score to make a game plan regardless of which of the three tests they take for entrance and scholarship money.   Students will be glad that the test is only two hours long and has no essay.

(SAT and ACT are both nearly four hours long with an essay.)

Students will also receive same day results.

The mock test will be given at the convention location, 9am-11:30am


Which convention will you be attending?

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