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ACT’s Big Change

Genius Blog Post: News, ACTFebruary 12, 2020 ACT: ACT’s Big ChangeDid Test Prep Just Get a Little Bit EasierIn October 2019, there was a big announcement about the ACT. Some call it a gamechanger to taking the five-part test that takes three hours to complete. So, what is this new change? ACT revealed that come September […]

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SAT Landscape Program Replaces Adversity Score

Genius Blog Post: News, PSAT​September 5, 2019 ​SAT: ​SAT Drops Adversity Score…Sort of This is somewhat GOOD NEWS! We are glad that the SAT will hopefully stay as it is intended, a test that levels the playing field for all students regardless of where they live or go to school.  The College Board is replacing the […]

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SAT Adversity

Genius Blog Post: News, SAT, ScoringJuly 11, 2019 SAT: ​​Can you really put a number on ADVERSITY? That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves since the newly introduced Adversity Score system was announced.You may have heard the College Board made some recent changes in scoring the SAT. A 15-factor voluntary questionnaire—to assess social, financial and […]

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PSAT Crash Course 2019

Genius Blog Post: News, PSATJune 9, 2019 There’s Only One Chance to Ace the PSAT PSAT Test Dates Primary Test DayWednesday October 16, 2019Saturday Test DaySaturday October 19, 2019Alternate Test DayWednesday October 30, 2019 Why take the PSAT? Rising Juniors Pay AttentionA strong PSAT score can qualify you to become a National Merit Scholar, qualify […]

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Podcast: Episode 66- CLT Standardized Test

Genius Blog Post: News, Podcast, CLTSeptember 19, 2017 Podcast ​Episode 66: CLT Standardized Test Lookout SAT/ACT- New Test In Town April 27, 2018Ep. 66: CLT Standardized Test -Lookout SAT/ACT- New test in town. The CLT Standardized Test is a new test that is taking on the SAT and ACT Tests.  Originally Aired

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Our eCourse has a new look!

We’re super excited to announce that we have a new, improved eCourse dashboard!  We’ve received a ton of feedback since we launched our eCourse in 2016, and we’ve been listening.  Some of the improvements include: Easier access to the eReaders Easier access to PDF downloads Improved course progress tracking Direct access to College Prep Genius […]

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