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Awesome Class! I got a 2290 on my SAT and 217 on my PSAT.”

-Kendal W.

Frankly, without College Prep Genius I would have gone into standardized testing completely blind. This class opened my eyes to a new world. In my opinion, just learning about the test itself is nearly half of the challenge. College Prep Genius helped my 133 PSAT score to go to a 208, and helped my first SAT to rack up a 2100!

”  –Cameron C. (Michigan)

Like most people naturally would be, I was suspicious of the ‘Ace the SAT’ claim made by Jean Burk’s College Prep Genius course, thinking it was too good to be true. My sister and I went through the classroom course and did the practice problems in the book later on, continuing to brush up on the facts and tips we had learned. At this point I was about to take the PSAT in my junior year, so I was nervous to say the least. I decided to make one more pass through the course for good measure. My test results were not only significantly better than last year’s test, but I also made National Merit Recognition. Now I can’t stop the college e-mails from coming! Thank you Jean Burk!”

     –Christopher C. (Texas)

I am so grateful to you and all that you did for us with your SAT classes for my two children! My son took the CPT test (college entrance test similar to SAT) and the counselor was in shock because she has not seen this high of a score in a long time. Because of his score, he is now considered a junior in college–as well as high school–and is receiving college credits all for FREE! When I die and God asks me,”…So, tell me something that you did right…” I’ll say, “I enrolled my son in College Prep Genius!” I tell EVERYONE about your class.

  –Judy D. (Florida)

My son, Jared, attended the College Prep Genius course in September. After taking the PSAT as a junior in October, he received a 217 on his PSAT and is in the 99% of juniors! He went up 29 points from when he took it as a sophomore last year. I really believe your class helped and he will continue to study the strategies as he prepares for the SAT later this winter/early spring. Thank you again so much.”

–Suzanne M. (Massachusetts)

Just a quick note from a happy customer…We purchased your program for Christmas for our sophomore daughter and even though it’s not a full month, she has happily put in about 20 hours of practice with your program and loves it. Her (no prep) Oct PSAT score was only 135, but last night she took out her Oct PSAT booklet and I had her work only on the ones she got wrong in both Critical Reading and Math using the new skills your program has taught her. In CR she was able to successfully get 75% of the missed answers correct and in Math 60% of the missed answers correct now. She was THRILLED to see such an improvement so quickly.”

–Kimberly L. (New Jersey)

My son took the SAT one week after the class and raised his score over 330points! He watched the DVD review and worked from your books.”

–Debbie N. (South Carolina)

My son’s score improved enough to get him at least $3000 more scholarship dollars to his top school choice! Well worth the price! Not only am I happy, but my son actually liked the class!”

–Jill H. (Texas)

I was in one of your College Prep seminars a couple months ago. It was incredibly effective and helpful…I scored a 210 on my PSAT! I also did not have an asterisk next my “Selection Index” score, meaning I met the requirements to enter NMSC competitions for awards to be offered in 2014. Thank you!”

–Ibraheem L. (Georgia)

I raised my SAT score 400 points! Now I’m a competitive applicant for top colleges and great scholarships. Thanks College Prep Genius!”

–Isaiah R. (California)

My son, Daniel’s score is now up to 2130 (with a perfect score in Writing). Thank you so much for your wonderful classes and thank you for helping give homeschoolers hope that they can cut back on the burdensome college loans by studying for the SAT and PSAT.”

– Beth G. (Michigan)

I took your class three months ago and my score went up 500 points! My brother will now be taking your class!

 –Amanda M. (Texas)

TCU was my #1 pick, but I was unsure if I could afford it. Thanks in large part to your SAT prep class, I got tens of thousands of dollars for school for the next four years, a grand total of $128,000 to be exact, in grants and scholarships for school at TCU. My SAT scores improved by 320 points and I wouldn’t have gotten those scores without your help.”  

–Jordan M. (Hawaii)

My son Austin scored in the top 25% in the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) after taking the College Prep Genius class. This experience put him on the right track for future academic success. Thank you Jean and College Prep Genius!” –Ashley B. (Texas)

College Prep Genius equipped me with the tools and experience to significantly raise my SAT score. Learning the ins and outs of the test helped me to feel more confident and prepared on test day. I raised my score 200 points, and based on just that score I’ve been offered over $19,000 in scholarship money! It takes time and dedication, but the reward is well worth it”  

–Savannah W. (Georgia)

We purchased the DVD set this summer because my daughter needed just 20 points to reach her SAT goal for scholarship money and she used the DVD’s for just 3 weeks and increased her score by 80 points which was more than enough. Thank you!”

–Tish P. (South Carolina)

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